10 Signs You’re Dating a German Person

Dating can look very different from culture to culture. Traditions in one part of the world can feel completely weird in another. What’s funny is that there are usually signs that you are dating someone from a particular country.

For instance, you don’t have to use dating apps in Germany to know that you are dating a German person. Here are some pretty clear signs that you are falling for a German person.


1.) Flirting is tougher

We are all trying to find love. When we are pursuing a new relationship, the signs might not be so apparent. With a little bit of time together, you start to notice those signs quickly. You will probably notice that flirting is difficult when done with a German person. Just hang in there, they want to get to know you a bit better, that’s all.

2.) Small talk isn’t a thing

Small talk is big in North America but not so much in the German culture. Germans aren’t about small, meaningless talk. They want to know the important things that make up who you truly are.

3.) Schedules become more important

Whether you are a punctual person or not, you will start to notice a different in your scheduling when you date a German person. Things become a little more scheduled so that you know where you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to be doing. A little efficiency never hurt anyone.

4.) Watch how your diet changes

There is an old saying that talks about how couples start to resemble one another after enough time. If you have been dating a German person for some time, you may notice Wurst and Sauerkraut becoming a more regular part of your diet. Be ready to expand your taste buds!

5.) The swimwear is different

Ladies in North America are probably used to swimming trunks by now. They are commonplace and unassuming. But if you started dating a German man, be ready to face the speedo. This male bikini is commonplace in Europe, so you can’t be shy at the pool or the beach with one of these around.

6.) Honesty is paramount

Little white lies won’t do if you are dating a German person. Honesty is a major matter of importance in Germany and even seemingly small lies can wind up doing major damage. Be honest with your German partner even if that honesty might seem a little harsh from time to time.

7.) Split the bill

On a first date in Germany, picking up the bill is seen as a sign of disrespect. So, if you plan on dating a German person, make sure that you are comfortable splitting the bill. Equality of the sexes is very important and even small things like this make a big difference.

8.) Having your cake

A fun fact: at 16:00 in Germany, you are officially allowed to have dessert before dinner. If you appreciate the little things like a few sweets before dinner, then dating a German person will be up your alley.

9.) Christmas will look different

We all know Santa Claus here in North America. In German folklore, St. Nicholas brings gifts to good children (similar to North American culture). But we don’t have Krampus, the evil demon-beast who punishes the bad kids. It certainly is an interesting twist to Christmas.

10.) Prankster wedding

If things have gone well enough and you plan on getting married, just be forewarned. Germans see the big day as a time for humor, running all kinds of pranks. It is a wedding tradition that can easily take you by surprise.