Cape Town

I have yet to find a winter coat that’s grabbed my attention enough to buy it. I have however, managed to secure a love of capes. I’m not sure if it’s the warmth, the softness or the fact it just looks pretty good, but wearing a cape just seems like a great thing to do right about now. A great thing about capes is they don’t need to be a particular size. They seem to be one of those things where one size does fit all. Obviously, you can get different sizes, shapes and textures but generally, the standard sized ones I have all fit fine. This means there is SO much to choose from. Well this particular post is about this lovely Boohoo Aztec patterned cape.

Boohoo Plus Size Cape Review

One of my favourites at the moment is this aztec cape from Boohoo. It super soft and I love the colour palette because it fits in with the whole autumn vibe. it’s full of blues, greens and beiges. The big reason, in my opinion, why capes win over shawls is because it has arm holes and can’t fall off! It’s like a winter kimono. We all love kimonos right? For the fact they are comfortable, versatile and you can just put on and go. Well capes are the same!

how to wear a winter cape - Pretty Big Butterflies

I know the back on this is a little short but I don’t really mind it. The main purpose of this cape for me is so I can wear it over my leather jacket when it starts to get a little chillier. I want it to work as a scarf come cardigan and it does all the above. Because of the colours I can wear it with any outfit generally speaking. It’s so cosy I’m tempted to just wear it at home on top of my pyjamas. Don’t judge me.

Plus Size Cape Review

I decided to wear this as a last minute outfit. The dress is from Boohoo too but is a little on the short side for me so I wore it as a tunic with leggings. It’s an ivy green with a paisley print. (Hollie and the Ivy… get it…. yawn I know!) This order from Boohoo was the first where everything fitted it ok. Hooray! Usually at least one thing has to go back. I’m wearing a 24 in the dress and the cape is one size.

Plus Size Capes

I’m wearing my Curvissa boots again because they are a lovely shade of brown and made for this weather. They fit so well and are perfect with a casual look like this. I’m going to do some more cape hunting now. I want a longer one and one that I can rap around me, but the fact this has arm holes is way keeps me wearing it. I don’t have the patience for things that keep slipping off! Well done Boohoo on an array of cape love!

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