Cameo is games obsessed. Soon after he turned 4, Daddy decided that he had needed to work on his hand-eye coordination and made it his personal mission to improve our firstborn’s gaming skills. (Yes, now I clearly see it was just his excuse to be able to enjoy playing games again!) It’s become a nearly daily ritual that he and his dad sit down towards the end of the day to play on the PlayStation for some bonding time.

The only problem is that very few of the games are age-appropriate. It’s not that they’re overly violent or aggressive or anything; it’s just that we take for granted how much you need to read on the screen to be able to know what to do. When Cameo gets frustrated at a game – that’s it. He doesn’t want to know anymore. We need more things that are suited to his ability level and more characters that he knows and loves.

Cameo was 2 when “Ready, Race, Rescue” (one of the older Paw Patrol films came out). Having two boys, was one of the rare times I got the chance to spend some alone time outside the home with him. It was such a special experience! With the new one, aptly named Paw Patrol: The Movie later in the month, it’s safe to say we’re all excited.

In anticipation of the new film’s launch, my eldest (now 4) and his younger brother (who just turned 3) were thrilled to get the chance to try out something that combines some of their favourite things – gaming and Paw Patrol with Paw Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls game! PAW Patrol is on a roll…to Adventure CITY! The aim of the game is to save Adventure City from the new Mayor Humdinger. You can play as your favourite pups on exciting rescue missions. Explore new locations, level up with vehicles and gadgets, play minigames, and save the day! It’s a super fun game and is perfect for any PAW Patrol fans. It’s fab for helping little ones use and challenge their problem-solving skills as well as building teamwork. There are 8 games to play and you have to unlock each one. You can choose to be one of the Paw Patrol pups including new pup Liberty, but you can only choose between two for each game as certain pups are allocated for certain levels. It’s a 3D platform game so amazing visuals as you’d expect.

We decided to celebrate and set up a little pup themed party for the boys this morning while we downloaded the game. Including Paw Patrol balloons, edible medals for being heroes and a treasure hunt for bones and gold coins!

If, for some reason, you still need a reason to be excited about the new Paw Patrol game, here’s the trailer for you to enjoy: 

Paw Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls is available for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You can find them among an array of different associated games here at Smyths right now.