How to save money when it comes to your car – A Checklist for Winter

The clocks go back soon which means only one thing. Winter is coming! Yes, it means Christmas holidays, gorgeous crisp mornings and maybe even a snowman or two if we’re lucky. But before we get carried away with those festive thoughts, let’s get real life sorted. Let’s talk about saving money when it comes to your car. We all know that cars aren’t the biggest fans of the winter months. So here’s a tiny checklist you need to follow to keep your car happy, your bank balance in check and of course, your safety a priority.

How to save money when it comes to your car – A Checklist for Winter


Getting your tyres checked frequently, especially as the seasons change is vital. Not only can you use more fuel when your tyres aren’t inflated correctly but you risk serious danger if your tyres are bald or not road worthy. It only takes 10 minutes to give them the once-over, so make sure you do!

Crack it

Look for cracks or hairline fractures on your windscreen and get them sorted NOW! As the weather gets colder, if water freezes into the gap you can guess what happens next… It expands the cracks and can cause irreplaceable or VERY expensive damage. Let alone the inconvenience!

Don’t get exhausted

The outside of your exhaust can end up rusty because of rain, hail, and snow. In the winter, all the salt and grit on the roads can make the problem even worse. You can try buying a sealant to help protect it. We’ll be doing lots of family trips to Scotland this year as our best friends relocated from Bournemouth a few months ago. We’re going to plan ahead just in case we have any issues. It’s a LONG drive. We already know that you can Get your car exhausts repaired in Dundee and any other car issues from Fife Autocentre. Always handy to know!


Last year our car doors froze for the first time. This year I’m prepared! You can stop doors sticking with Vaseline.  Just apply a thin coat of furniture polish or Vaseline on your rubber door seals. This should stop them sticking and make it easy for your doors to open.


Your battery dying on you while you are on a snowy road at night time is one of my worst nightmares! Stop and check it now. If you’re in any doubt at all about the life of your battery, get it sorted. It might be costly, but prevention is better than cure. Especially when it -1 degree and you’re stuck in the snow!

If you have any money saving or safe driving tips for winter, let me know below in the comments below!