Welcome Back Corduroy For 2018

Who remembers corduroy? I have faint memories of a pair of bootleg corduroy trousers I used to wear that still make me cringe a little. But the good news is, as will ALL fashion, it’s making a comeback in a much more wearable way. Corduroy took over the Autumn and Winter 2017 catwalks, meaning it’s about to blow up in 2018. Forget the old geography teacher look, we’re talking cool layering, pastel shades and even daring cuts. Not an easy task for a thick cotton fabric with velvety ribs. But that’s what makes fashion reruns so exciting!

I always remember corduroy as being super uncomfortable, but now I’m a little older and wiser, I’ve realised it wasn’t the fabric itself but the cut of the clothes. Plus sizes now are cut much better these days to make the fit better for curves. Hooray! The same goes for menswear too. Chums is a great example of how things such as corduroy casual trousers have come a long way from the old worn out styles we used to see!

Here are a few of my favourite plus size corduroy pieces around right now. Because it’s easier than you think to bring fashion back. This variety shows that corduroy isn’t boring and actually is so versatile in its 2018 comeback.

Welcome Back Corduroy

The first pair of trousers are from Curvissa and are the classic look bootcut style but in a gorgeous shade of brown. Not a bland colour but a rich wood brown that will look fab with mustard shades this summer. Moving to the middle, I’m in LOVE with the Simply Be cord stretch leggings. Talk about being on trend but super comfortable. The blackcurrant shade is my favourite.

Then we’ve got two corduroy jackets. Both in gorgeous shades. One a dusky pink and another a deep jewel blue. Great wardrobe staples to keep you going through the seasons. (pink is from forever 21 and blue is from Navabi). The Contrast Corduroy Curved Hem Blouse is a really quirky cut. I told you corduroy has come a long way for 2018. Last but not least are the Forever21 Curve shorts. YES! Corduroy shorts! I kid you not. Plus, they’re in a super gorgeous light neutral tone that can go with almost any colour to see you through spring and summer.

There you have it, a whole host of corduroy coming your way for 2018. Far from boring, exciting cuts and cute colours. You can be comfortable in corduroy and on trend. Who would have thought it?