How To Dress Your Curves Like Mary Lambert In Her Orange Dot Dress

I love surfing the internet and coming across little gems. It’s my form of window shopping from the comfort of my own sofa and boy do I find some gems. Gems that are closer to home then I think. This is #3 of my ‘How to dress your curves like…’ and this week it’s all about the US Singer Mary Lambert.

She wore a gorgeous orange and white floral dress with some amazing detailed. It nipped in at the waist and flowed out showing her beautiful hourglass figure. who says red heads shouldn’t wear orange!? Mary Lambert is a pioneer for all types of diversity and I think she is a great plus size role model. She looks amazing, sounds amazing and puts her self out there to support what she believes in. (She wore this dress to GLAAD in New York, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) media advocacy and anti-defamation organization)

mary-lambert-celebrate-equality-in-style-at_3864338 mary-lambert-celebrate-equality-in-style-at_3864308

It’s also interesting to know that Mary recently said in an interview that she gets more negative comments about her weight than her sexuality. It’s as though there has to be an issue with SOMETHING! Why does anything to do with a personal choice or a personal feature have to be ‘abnormal’. It baffles me at times.

The dress that Mary Lambert is wearing is designed by Cabiria which goes up to a UK size 28. They use great quality fabrics and I’ve had the pleasure of wearing one of their dresses myself. (Literally beautiful to wear!)

If you want to dress your curves like Mary then you can dress them in the identical dress which can be found at MS.SVG here. It’s a UK exclusive so you can’t dress your curves like Mary any closer!

Ms SVG Mary Lambert Dress

It’s a lovely dress that just passes the knee and the full skirt adds that little bit of va va voom. I can see why Mary Lambert chose this dress and I feel quite lucky that we can look just as amazing!


What do you think of Mary Lamberts dress? Would you dress your curves in it? Found something similar?