Learning to love your body over and over again

Learning to love your body sounds easy doesn’t it? A bit like leaning a new language or how to work a new phone. There is a final destination and with a couple of upgrades here and there you’ll eventually be confident in what you’re doing. I feel like self-love isn’t that simple. In fact it’s bloody hard. I’m pregnant for the second time and actually, feeling a little less confident than I expected to feel. More in terms of my body than anything else. I feel like I’ve put on much more weight than with Baby C and I’m at that point where I want people to know I’m pregnant because otherwise I feel like I’m an odd shape. What’s hard with that thought is I HATE thinking that way. I hate thinking that I’m too big or the wrong shape or size. I love it when I wear clothes and feel great. But right now I’m almost avoiding looking at myself in the mirror. I now know that your body changes after every pregnancy and you have to learn to build that love and contentment with yourself all over again. What’s more, I’ve learnt that it’s OK to doubt yourself a bit. Pregnant or not, we don’t have to love ourselves and be confident 24/7. (Although that would be great!) Everyone has an off day, week, month or year.

Learning to love your body over and over again

I think what’s important is that you don’t let it consume you. You park the negative thoughts for a bit and do something to make you feel good. So the other day I changed my hair up a bit. Literally just adding a bit of a curl / wave made such a difference. I bought a new top – a very bright one and forced myself to wear it. I went to a blogging event the next day and had a bra fitting done. I’m usually pretty good with stuff like this but even I was a bit apprehensive. But Elomi did a great job at fitting me (your boobs change so much during pregnancy). I was given a lingerie set to take home and it did perk me up a bit. I’m wearing the Anoushka bra in these pictures and it’s gorgeous.  I’m glad I wore the right outfit and that I got some gorgeous ‘good fitting’ underwear. I told myself that I do not deserve to be hidden just because of my size. It’s true.

Plus size Pregnancy - pretty big butterflies

I think to be honest, I probably hadn’t fully come to terms with my new body after having Baby C and to be pregnant again comes a whole other body change. I know that with time, patience and kindness to myself I’ll be all good. I know that surrounding myself with positive people will help. If you have anyone close to you that puts you down or makes you doubt yourself you need to get rid or at least distance yourself as much as possible. You need radiators in your life. Not drains!

plus size lingerie review - Elomi - Pretty Big Butterflies

Social media, magazines, blog posts… etc.… can all make it look so easy to just love yourself and be confident. But trust me, everyone is facing their own battles so don’t think you’re the only one. I truly believe that self-love does bring beauty. But it’s an up and down ride. I refuse to beat myself up for feeling a bit low about how I look. I’m going to try and not point out my flaws and instead remember the positives. I’m growing a new baby for goodness sake!


However you’re feeling right now… just give yourself a break. You’re beautiful today, yesterday and tomorrow. Regardless of how you currently feel.