How To Choose Plus Size Bras and Lingerie

From your everyday bras to your sexiest lingerie, all of your intimate wear should boost your body confidence and make you feel as comfortable and sexy as possible. Unfortunately, finding bras and lingerie that actually make this ideal your reality can be a major challenge, especially when you’re a plus size woman.

In a world where the lingerie market is dominated by size 0 models and styles designed for thin women with minimal curves, finding plus size lingerie pieces that fit well, support your curves, and flatter your figure can seem next to impossible. Don’t resign yourself to a closet full of boring lingerie and ill-fitting bras just yet. The tips in this guide can help you find comfortable, well-fitting everyday bras and confidence-boosting, ultra-sexy lingerie pieces that will transform the way you shop for your intimate wear.

1. Prioritise Support

When it comes to choosing bras and lingerie—and especially plus size lingerie— support should be your top priority. If the intimate wear you buy fails to offer enough support for your curves, it won’t flatter your figure and you will end up feeling uncomfortable and under-confident when you wear it. Unfortunately, many lingerie companies don’t always take plus size women’s need for support into account when designing the flimsy, lace bralettes and other support-free pieces that continuously flood the modern lingerie market.

While women who wear a size 2 and an A-cup bra might be able to get away with flaunting cup-less chemises that offer zero support, curvy women should cross flimsy lingerie off their list of intimate wear options. Even if a sheer, one-layer lace teddy looks sexy on a store mannequin, chances are the sexiness of such an insubstantial piece won’t translate well when it comes time for you to actually put it on and move around in it.

Of course, the term ‘plus size’ encompasses a wide range of cup sizes, dress sizes, and body shapes. The amount of support you need from your bras and lingerie depends on many factors, including the size and density of your bust and how much you plan to move around in whatever piece you’re buying. When you’re buying a bra for everyday wear, choosing a supportive bra that will hold your breasts up securely and minimize bouncing and discomfort while you walk is vital. For most plus size women, that means choosing a bra equipped with padded or moulded cups, underwire, adjustable straps, and other support features.

When you’re picking out lingerie that you don’t plan to wear outside of the privacy of your own bedroom, support is still important but not as essential. You don’t have to limit your lingerie options to pieces with full underwire cups. Since you probably won’t be moving around much in your lingerie or wearing it for hours on end, it’s okay if your bedroom lingerie pieces offer a little less support than your everyday bras as long as you still feel comfortable and sexy in them.

2. Find the Right Fit

It’s hard to feel sexy and confident in lingerie that doesn’t fit you correctly. Always measure yourself before you head out to buy a brand-new bra or babydoll to make sure you only take home pieces that truly fit your figure.

If you’re not sure how to take your own measurements and get an accurate idea of the bra and lingerie sizes you should be wearing, check out this lingerie shopping guide. This guide offers multiple sizing and measurement-related lingerie shopping tips from fifty different professionals in the field of women’s intimate wear.

3. Flatter Your Figure

Many plus size lingerie pieces are designed to manipulate the shape of your body to create the illusion that you have a different figure than you really do. While the idea of showing off a slim hourglass figure is tempting for many women, you’ll feel sexier and more confident in the long run if you choose lingerie that flatters the figure you already have instead of trying to hide or change it.

Boost your confidence with intimate wear that accentuates the physical assets you’re proud of and draws attention away from the physical insecurities that make you feel self-conscious. If you love your curvy waist, emphasize it in a bold corset set. If you think your legs are your best feature, rock thigh high stockings or a garter set to show them off. You can find a wide selection of flattering bras and lingerie styles for every figure in this extensive plus size lingerie collection from luxury lingerie brand HauteFlair.

4. Don’t Limit Yourself

Contrary to popular belief, plus size women can look beautiful and sexy in any lingerie style. You should never limit yourself to only choosing lingerie pieces that are considered “plus-size styles”.

As long as a piece of lingerie fits you and supports your bust and curves, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t flaunt it no matter what body type, shape, or size it’s designed to flatter. Lingerie is supposed to make you feel sexy and confident in your own skin. When you find a piece that boosts your confidence and reminds you how gorgeous you are, don’t hesitate to show it off with pride.

5. Have Fun Experimenting

Choosing bras and lingerie for yourself is supposed to be fun and exciting, which is why it’s such a shame that the lingerie shopping process often winds up as a stressful chore that many women dread.

Put the fun back into your lingerie shopping by experimenting with many different styles. Don’t just rely on your old favourite pieces that have been collecting dust in your closet for years. Expand your horizons and embrace the adventure of lingerie shopping by trying on sexy styles you’ve never considered wearing before. If your knowledge of the wide world of lingerie is a little lacking, consult this plus size lingerie guide to learn more about the wide selection of fun and sexy style options you have at your disposal.

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Bio: This is a guest post by Shaylie Foley who is an author and fashion expert at, a luxury lingerie company based in New York. She writes to inspire and educate readers on women’s fashion and lifestyle topics. With over six years of writing experience, Shaylie brings a vast amount of knowledge, style, and skill to her work. Haute Flair have a fab in-depth guide to buying plus size lingerie that I would definitely suggest you pay a little visit.