Cocopomme – Sweet Jewellery You Can’t Ignore


I have a few things in life that make me smile. Amongst other things, two of those are sweets and jewellery.  So you could say I was pretty excited when I found Cocopomme. Online shop selling, unique, handmade, kitsch jewellery…. In the shame of retro sweets! Sweet Jewellery!

I kid you not, this stuff is amazing. So good that you could ALMOST eat it.

With everything from Bourbon biscuit pearl necklaces to Flump Marshallow bracelets and even a beans on toast necklace! The designs are fun, eye catching and have such great detail. I have never seen jewellery so unusual. I also think the prices are really reasonable (plus it’s free delivery to the UK).

I opted for this Strawberry necklace. You remember those massive chewy sweets which always lasted longer than the others? Well this looks and feels identical. I’m almost tempted to put it in my mouth and eat it. It’s very quirky.

Strawberry Necklace -

Strawberry Necklace – – £8.00

Cocopomme also creates some acrylic pieces. As a bit of a fan of butterflies, I chose this gorgeous cobalt blue acrylic butterfly which hangs perfectly.  The acrylic shape itself feels sturdy and is about 5mm thick so it has a bit of definition. It’s really bright and eye catching. Definitely one of my faves.

Blue Butterfly Necklace - £6.00

Blue Butterfly Necklace – £6.00

I thought I’d give you a little preview of my favourite pieces from Cocopomme. Like I said, seriously quirky but cool stuff. The colours are brilliant and the designs are so distinctive. You can go all out with pearls and a jammy dodger or keep it simple with a retro lolly. I  think they are cool little gifts as well. At least you know they won’t get two of the same thing! - My favourite picks – My favourite picks

Fancy giving yourself a little treat? Well, even though the prices are already purse friendly Cocopomme have been really generous and are offering my readers 10% off any purchase! (With free delivery in the UK!)  just quite PRETTYBLOG at the checkout.