Hooray For Harry Fay – Plus Size & Bespoke Fit Rings

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Pretty things make my heart jump. Especially pretty little shiny things which is why I love jewellery. Generally I only wear the type where you can go into a shop on the high street and test to make sure the rings and bracelets fits without having an eagle eye watching over you. God forbid the ring gets stuck! That’s enough to stop me going into a jewellery shop all together. It’s a shame because if I could just feel comfortable with trying a ring on then I might be obliged to actually treat myself! The joy of having chubby fingers means that I just go without. But not anymore! Harry Fay has all sizes covered and what’s more, if it doesn’t fit, their friendly exchange policy means they will exchange the ring to any size you want for free. No Questions! Harry Fay offer plus size rings and bespoke ‘made to measure’ rings. Anyone can have pretty jewellery. Including me!

Harry Fay Jewellery

In that case, I couldn’t wait to try one of their gorgeous rings; I used their size guide and worked out that I am a S1/2.  I like that you can search by ring size too. The joy of shopping online is not having to browse through items which are just no use to you so this is a great idea. I opted for one of Harry Fays Georgette Rings. The one I chose is sterling silver with a pink and white cubic zirconia. These exact specifications are taken off the website, another bonus. It’s nice to know exactly what you are getting when you order online. ‘’ The centre stone is 7mm diameter and set in 4-claw setting and each side stone is around 1 mm diameter. The band measures approximately 3mm thick at widest point.’’

Plus Size Jewellery

When the ring arrived it came in a beautiful red velvet box and I almost felt like I was proposing to myself. The ring fits perfectly, if anything it’s a tiny bit big but at least I knew if it didn’t fit I could get it sorted out with no hassle. It really is a beautiful ring and I’m so pleased I can finally wear REAL jewellery. On another note, at least Mr C now knows my ring size AND Harry Fay do plus size engagement rings so someone budge him along please!

Plus Size Rings

Harry Fay is a family run business and each product, whether it is a ring, bracelet or necklace is handcrafted by them. This makes the jewellery that little bit more special in my opinion. You know that someone has made it to size and my ring really is lovely.

Bespoke Size Rings

Have you struggles to find a ring that fits? Well, Harry Fay WILL have your size and what’s more, they are giving my readers an amazing 15% off their already brilliant prices.

To Claim A 15% Discount, Type ‘PRETTYBIGBUTTERFLIES’ at checkout. (Valid until 31-08-2014)