Debenhams Bra Fit Review & Giveaway – #knowyoursize

First up, Did you know over 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? Think about yourself and 9 friends. 7 of you are either uncomfortable, unhappy or just confused about the bra size you’re wearing. It’s OK though because there IS something you can do about it. Debenhams offer a FREE bra fitting service by a specially trained bra fit advisor. In other words, this isn’t just someone who looks at you and magically says yes you are a 38DD. No. They have a tape measure, adjust the bra while you’re wearing it and talk you thorugh the whole shebang so you know exactly what’s going on and how to look for your underwear in the future. It’s a great personal service, and if you haven’t tried it yet, then I totally insist you do.

Debenhams Bra Fit Review & Giveaway - #knowyoursize

Being a plus size woman, I only had my first bra fitting about 3 years ago because I just felt embaraased. I thought my size wouldn’t exist, the tape measure wouldn’t fit, my stretch marks would horrify the staff… the list goes on… and one of the major things I learnt is that EVERYONE thinks the same thing an the bra fitter genuinely doesn’t give a damn. All they see is a body that needs a great fitting bra. So if you’re waiting for the day you lose weight, get a tan, wax, total makeover or whatever the reason may be. Drop all that and pop into Debenahms for a free fitting. Trust me. It doesn’t hurt. (You can find your local stores here)

My experience of the service was a positive one. The advisor was lovely, warm and knew what she was doing. She explained how the bra needed to fit and why the one I was wearing was the wrong size. She went and grabbed numerous bras for me to try and gave me plenty of time and privacy. A MAJOR thing for me is that a lot of places don’t do my back size 40/42 (Which I am now after the bra fitting!) so I thought that I’d be the embarrassed one where none of the bras fitted me. WRONG! The advisor managed to grab me two or three styles AND even brought me the lingerie catalogue to show what bras she could order in for me. What’s even better, I felt like this was for my benefit not just a sales ploy. Round of applause please.

Pretty Big Butterflies

There’s MORE! I’ve teamed up with Debenhams to review some bras and give you a chance of winning some too! Based on my Debenhams bra fitting this Triumph bra is size 42 F and it really quite comfortable as bras go. It’s a gorgeous white and cream floral design, full cup and underwired bra. The hero part of this bra is the 3 hook fastening. (Hooray for 3 hooks!) but, not just that! The fastening is super cushioned. That means less chance of it pulling, going out of shape or digging in. The straps are wide and comfortable, it all feels rather cushioned around the areas where most of the pressure is.

Pretty big butterflies

Here are some of the tips that the Debenhams bra fitting team have up their sleeves so you check if you’re wearing the right size:

  • The centre of your bra should sit flat against your chest
  • Wires should fully encompass your bust and sit around the breast – not on it (i.e. no wires poking at your breast tissue)
  • Bust should be fully contained within the cups (no bulging out of the top of the cup, creating a “four boob effect”
  • Make sure you have enough space to fit two fingers underneath the back strap
  • You shouldn’t have shoulder indents – these are caused by over-tightening of straps when you’re not getting enough support from the band.

The Triumph Modern Bloom is a lovely daytime bra that will give you support and comfort while still looking pretty. Fancy winning one for yourself? Just enter below! (Don’t forget to check the terms and conditions!)
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