How to Stop Thigh Chafing with iRELIEF by iVYVERDURE

I’ve been asked hundreds of times how to stop the dreaded ‘chub rub’. In other words, how do you wear dresses in summer without your thighs rubbing together until they’re sore? To be honest with you, I gave up and wore shorts under my dresses and skirts most of last year. (I mean, it solves the problem but it’s uncomfortable and HOT). All the other options people suggested so far haven’t really helped me. So when I recently tried iRELIEF by iVYVERDURE I was pretty impressed. It’s a 100% vegan and organic anti-chafing stick that prevents chafing and blisters. It can be used on all sensitive areas that are exposed to friction. It’s an all-in-one stick that can be used against all forms of chafing. Don’t get it twisted; it’s not just plus size girls who have this problem. Everyone from athletes to pregnant women can get chaffing anywhere on the body and this stick can help with it all.

How to Stop Thigh chafing with iRELIEF by iVYVERDURE

The iRELIEF stick itself is a twist applicator (like a lipstick) and is a solid balm. You can smooth over the skin as many times as you like. It doesn’t feel sticky or wet. At first it feels quite cool at but it’s so weightless it almost feels like you haven’t put anything on your skin. The stick looks a little yellow but goes on translucent. Other than a lovely faint lemony scent you’d never know you’re wearing it!

It isn’t sticky or wet, which is a must. Anything that’s like a cream just makes chaffing worse for me. iRelief goes on like a balm so the skin feels soft and smooth. It’s like the skin glides over each other at first. After a little while I found that the balmy smoothness turned to an almost powdered finish. The skin feels even smoother which means no rubbing!

How to Stop Thigh chafing with iRELIEF by iVYVERDURE

iRelief can be applied again and again and as it’s a hard balm stick it will last for AGES! The key is to apply it before any rubbing begins. So once you’re dressed, or ready for action, apply it before you start walking / exercising etc. If your chaffing has already started, this might offer you a little relief but it can’t prevent what’s already happening, so make sure you apply before hand. Oh, it’s also waterproof – perfect for summer holidays.

How to stop chub rub - blogger review

I really want to stress how versatile this stick is, it’s amazing at combating chaffing thighs and chub rub but it can be used for so much more. Here are a few things I’ll be using it for…

  • It’s an epic foot moisturiser (come on, heels have been away all winter, you know they need some TLC)
  • Stretch marks. This won’t make them vanish but it will help with the soothing of the skin.
  • Pregnancy breasts are in full force and the added weight in my first pregnancy meant the chaffing under them was indeed real. Not this time! I’ll be using iRelief underneath my breasts to stop that happening again.

 iVYVERDURE review

iRELIEF by iVYVERDURE has been a winner for me the last couple of days as the sun has just arrived. It can be used anywhere and it’s currently priced at just £9 for a 30g stick and £13 for a 60g stick, with FREE worldwide delivery! It’s actually a bargain because you’ll get SO much life out of it.

If you want to give it a go but you’re still not sure, here’s a 15% off discount code across the iVYVERDURE site – just enter HOLLIE15 checkout! It’s time to enjoy your summer dresses again!