A Functional Family Kitchen That Looks Fab Too

Cream carpets! They say when you have kids you have to get rid of them because they just aren’t practical. Luckily, you won’t have to make such a gut-wrenching decision when it comes to designing and decorating your family kitchen. In fact, you can have a functional, practical kitchen space that looks gorgeous as well. Don’t believe me? Well just keep reading to find out how.

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Boiling tap

I know that as a mother, your heart probably ends up in your mouth every time you see one of those boiling water tap adverts. You know the ones where the kids are drinking straight from the facet! However, such devices are designed no only for functionality and aesthetics but for safety as well.

Also, just think about all the things having a boiling water tap with instant access could make easier when you are caring for the family? You could have instant hot water to boil vegetables and pasta, you wouldn’t even have to wait for the kettle to boil to grab a quick cup of tea or coffee, something that when you are busy looking young baby could well be a life saver! Happily, these taps look pretty smart as ll, so such a device would be a real investment that wins on both form and functionality.


Lino or laminate flooring

Linoleum flooring has significant benefits over all other kinds like stone or tile. These benefits include that it is soft, something that can be a considerable safety advantage when you know young kids will be using the space.

It’s also warmer, and super easy to clean, which when you have a family to take care of, makes it a very functional choice. Don’t be fooled into thinking lino is a dated option style wise either because you can get some fantastic patterns and finishes now, and as its lots cheaper than laying a stone, tile or hardwood floor, so it really is one of the best possible choices.

Laminate floor is easy to clean, making a functional choice for households with young families.


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Of course, it’s not your only option, and laminate floor can also work well in a family kitchen. This is because it shares the qualities of being easy to clean, and not as had or cold as things like tile or stone.  You can even install underfloor heating with them as well, meaning you don’t need to worry about Baby crawling around on a bitterly cold floor, or your toes freezing when you get up in the night to make a drink while doing a feed.


Work surfaces

One of the most critical aspects of a functional family kitchen is the work surfaces and storage space that you have. To fulfil this need, most kitchens used built-in storage and run work surfaces over the top of these to provide the right amount of space.

Of course, you’ll still need to maximise this space, because if you don’t have enough to store all the food, and condiments your family needs it can lead to your kitchen becoming cluttered and overrun.

It’s also wise to have as much storage and cupboard space as possible, so you have room to put away all the extra bits you will need when the kids are young like bottle sterilisers, and breast pumps. After all, having these on show may be practical, but it doesn’t do a lot for the aesthetics of your kitchen!  

Luckily, maximising cupboard and counter space in the kitchen can be done in many ways. The first is to use movable shelves within the cupboards that allow you to stack and store items, as well as easily reach, and see everything that you need to get to.

Another option is to consider smart storage solutions when you install the kitchen and get some added features built in. Particularly functional examples of this type of design being built-in spice racks that utilise a previously unused corner, and even hidden knife and chopping board storage to keep the surface as clear as possible. Of course, the clearer you keep the surfaces the easier they will be to keep hygienic as well, which is not just practical, but crucial for the health and well being of your family.



Don’t fret if you have covered all the wall space with cabinets, but still don’t have enough room though, because there is a solution to this and it’s installing a kitchen island. In fact, kitchen islands are a massive trend at the moment, and can really enhance the look of your kitchen space, showing that you are up to date with the current fashions.


This island doubles as a breakfast bar as well.


In particular, a kitchen island can work well in a family home because it provides additional storage and workspace. In fact, you can even build them customised to store high use items such as gadgets and equipment, and many people include a butcher’s block chopping board for food preparation too. Something that not only gives you that stylish rustic feel but is also hugely practical, as working in the middle of the room on an island mean you are close to any other tools and ingredients you may need while cooking.  


Belfast sink

Next, if you are looking for a functional family kitchen that looks fab too, you really need to consider investing a sink like the ones available from Tap Warehouse in the Belfast style. In fact, Belfast sinks are particularly practical because of their large size, meaning they can easily be used for large loads of washing up, as well as other domestic tasks such as cleaning garden items and preparing food.

Many of them are even large enough to fit a small baby bath into. This being an excellent hack for when you don’t want to have to spend the whole time bent over to tend to them in your floor tub in the bathroom. In fact, it can really save your back!


Dining area

Lastly, when it comes to creating a family kitchen that looks as good as it is practical, you should always consider installing a space where you can sit together and eat as a family. After all, it’s great to be able to share a meal together in an informal atmosphere.

In fact, even if your kitchen is small and you can only include a breakfast bar, you can style it well, and then use it for the kids when they eat breakfast. Something that will allow you to get on with other tasks in the kitchen while still spending some time with them. You really can’t get more functional than that now, can you?