5 Family Days Out that can include the grandparents

One thing is for certain; the bond between Baby C and his grandparents is unbreakable. At 9 months old he already knows who they are and I can see the love between them is incredible. My parents have been great at looking after him, but they do struggle to get out and about as much as we all would like. I’ve decided to research 5 great family days out that are perfect for the entire family, including the grandparents.

5 Family Days Out that can include the grandparents

1. Zoo Fun

People love the Zoo at any age. It’s interactive and you can go as slow or fast as you like. With lots of seating areas, a place to eat and rest it’s a great day for the whole family. People love seeing an elephant or giraffe in person, no matter their age. The zoo can be a pretty big place so check out somewhere like Pro Rider Mobility to make these kind of outings easier for anyone who might struggle.

2. Local Farms

You’ll be surprised at how many farms there are close to you regardless of how inner city you are. These are great places for a family day out and it can be great bonding for all the family. You can usually help with everything from feeding the pigs to stroking the goats.

3. Full Steam Ahead

Steam trains are one of the best but less well-known attractions scattered all across the UK. Not only will they probably add a little reminiscent memory to the day for the grandparents but also children of any age can get swept away in the magic of steam train. Plus, it’s more about sitting down and relaxing than anything else. They’re scattered all over the UK and there are a great list of steam train locations here.

4. Seaside

I guarantee a portion of fish and chips while on the seafront will bring back nostalgic memories for any grandparent. Not only that but the kids will love playing with the pebbles (or sand if you’re lucky) and it will be nice for everyone to share their memoirs of the seaside. We all have them. What’s even better, the sea air will tire everyone out for a great nights sleep. Winning!

5. Pottering Around

There are lots of little teashops and workshops around the country that offer pottery classes. It’s a relaxed environment that can be made super fun for kids. A few creative hours and everyone gets to bring something home. It’s not too much effort and usually the children are just happy to make a bit of a mess. This is the type of day out that really creates memories. A simple Google will bring up the ones closet to you.


Do you have a top day out that include the whole family? Let me know!