What I would do if I won the lottery

I’m pretty sure every one at some point has dreamt of winning a big lump sum of money or at least day dreamed about what they’d do with a huge jackpot win. Well I have, (the dreaming is fabulous but waking up and realizing it isn’t real – not so good!) I’d love to win the Euromillions (who wouldn’t?) It’s nice to let your mind wonder occasionally and who knows, if you work hard enough sometimes the world has a weird way of paying you back in good fortune. So here’s my little daydreaming treat… what would I do if I won the lottery?

Home Sweet Home

The first thing I’d buy would be a house with an annex for my parents. I’ve always been close to my parents and now Baby C is here I appreciate them more that ever. I don’t think we could all live together 24/7 so an annex next door would be perfect. A lovely house, somewhere friendly where the neighbours talk and look out for each other. Does that even exist anymore? (Some things money can’t buy I suppose – unless I bought a whole street and moved my friends in!)

Business Baby

I think it’s so easy to just spend and lose all the money you might have won. I just couldn’t let that happen so I’d push money into a business and hopefully set our family up for future generations. You have to have some kind of sensible action plan.

Clean & Clear

I hate housework. On the top of my list of things I don’t want to do it’s housework. I love a clean house I just wish I could pay someone to do it for me. The worst of the worst is washing… I hate doing the laundry. If I won the lottery, I would without a doubt hire people to do my cleaning for me. I don’t care; it would be a done deal.


There are so many worthy causes I would want to give money too but the top of those is Macmillan Cancer SupportMacmillan Cancer Support. They helped my family when my dad had cancer. I was too young to understand at the time but it was like a load of bricks landing on a motorway when my dad was diagnosed. With Macmillan’s help not only is my dad still around, but my mum managed to help me lead a normal life for those few years of pure devastation. I’d want to repay them for helping keep my family together.

Sun, Sea and Sand

There’s so much out there to explore but money really is needed to follow certain dreams, especially now we have Baby C. I’ve always wanted to hit the Caribbean. Last year we were ready to head to Barbados but found out we were pregnant, with the Zika virus in full flow we had to opt for Turkey instead. So if I did win the lottery, catch all my friends and I  on a beach somewhere!

 The Range

Ok so you have to treat yourself sometimes right? My dream car has been the Range Rover Sport for a very, very long time. Big, beefy an oozing sex appeal. This would be a treat to myself as a well done for choosing those lucky numbers. Of course I’d personalize the interiors… I mean why wouldn’t you!


As if by magic the daydreaming is over and I’m back to reality. It’s OK though; I’ve got my £2 ready for my Euromillions ticket. I’ll let you know if I win, although to be honest, you’ll probably see me on Instagram like a jet setting yummy mummy show off! Good luck on your daydreaming!