Postpartum Skincare: 6 Tips to Look Beautiful After a Delivery

Pregnancy is a fulfilling and rewarding experience, but it is most certainly a hassle as well! However, the real struggles begin after the baby has been delivered because the female body then goes through a number of changes while trying to get back to being its former self. As hormones go haywire once again before returning to normal levels, this can and often does affect the skin of a new mom quite harshly. On top of all that, the sleepless nights don’t work in mum’s favour either, as the baby needs to be picked up, comforted and nursed multiple times throughout night. However, it is still possible to look beautiful through all this, as long as you follow some of the necessary postpartum skincare routines.

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Take Your Supplements

The changes in the body are nothing short of severe, both during and after pregnancy. In order to counteract the severe changes, supplements and meds must be taken on a daily basis to make sure that your skin, hair and even internal processes are maintained without any significant disruption. For example, hair grows faster, thicker and fuller in pregnant women, but once the hormone levels go down, they will lose some of the lusciousness, and the sudden change could even cause mild to moderate hair loss. To counteract this effect, vitamin A, B (complex), C, D, E and iron supplements might be prescribed by your doctor. The same vitamins, alongside a few others are also essential to maintain postpartum skin health. However, only a certified dermatologist can help you determine which supplements you need, in what quantity and if you require additional medication and treatment. Consult Cedars Dermatology in London, where experienced and renowned skin specialists from all over the country are available for consultation regarding what should be the best course of treatment for making sure that you look fabulous after delivery, but without jeopardising any aspect of your health as a new mother.

Drink Plenty of Water

This is a general rule for looking good at any time and for anybody, but it becomes a necessary rule post pregnancy. The excess water helps to flush out the toxin build up and of course, to keep the skin, scalp and hair hydrated. Don’t hesitate to drink more than your usual amount, even if you have to go to the bathroom more often than you would like to, because when it comes to hydration, more is better than less. The recommended water intake post pregnancy is a minimum of three-litres per day.

Sleep More

Given how hard it is to get any sleep at all before the baby grows up a bit, this piece of advice may almost sound ironic, but there are ways to manage sleep more effectively, even with an infant crying all day and all night!

  • Sleep at every chance you get, irrespective of the time
  • Sleep and wake up with the baby
  • Attach the bassinet with your bed to avoid having to get out of bed at night
  • Ask for assistance from your friends, relatives and husband
  • Pump out a bottle of breast milk daily before going to sleep; someone else can feed the baby if you need to catch up
  • Switch over to tea from coffee to sleep better

Sleeping is essential for new mums and not just to look better, but also to heal from the inside.

Start Exercising (Gently)

It doesn’t matter if you were a fitness nut pre-pregnancy, you just cannot get back to the heavy stuff right away. Give your body time to heal, but accelerate the process with mild exercise routines such as power walking/walking, jogging, yoga and any other light exercise that is aerobic in nature.

Cleanse Your Skin

Thanks to the hormonal rollercoaster that you just went through, chances are that acne, pimples, spots, dark patches, etc. will cause you some woes for a while to come before your body readjusts itself. The supplements and the medical guidance to treating such problems which we talked about earlier will do the heavy lifting, but you will also need to clear away the external dead cell build ups with exfoliation and scrubbing. The face and the back should require the most attention, but do cleanse your scalp as well to prevent excess dandruff and the consequent hair fall.


Unfortunately, your skin and hair will lose some of the lustre post pregnancy, but as long as you keep drinking enough water and moisturising your skin and hair from the outside as well, the effect should be successfully counteracted. You can rely either on natural homemade recipes or products available from the market; it won’t matter as long as they are effective.

The good news is that much of the acne, pimples, dark circles and hair loss is only temporary and as long as you are intelligently dealing with each symptom, they will pass along even faster and with minimal aftereffects.