Benefits of Using a Trampoline for Your Kids

Cassandra Wilkinson, author of the book, The Kids Are Alright – 10 Good Reasons to Relax and Let Kids Be Kids, believes that in today’s world, parents are restricting their children by hovering over every little thing that they do. This, she argues, removes all the risk from growing up, and as such, can have a negative effect on their development. Whether you agree with her argument or not, the truth is, our kids need to add more activities to their lives, in order to balance the time they spend performing learning activities. By the simple addition of a trampoline, it’s both possible to let your kids be kids, and reap benefits which assist in accelerating their cognitive and physical development.

Improved Coordination

Kids today spend a good deal of their time learning and manipulating technological toys, which is a very good thing. If there is a downside, it is the forfeiting of physical activity for mental stimulation. To reduce this risk, and ensure that your child receives adequate physical activity, get them a trampoline. Trampolines have been known to improve your child’s coordination, balance and overall athletic abilities. When your child is on a trampoline they are not only enjoying themselves, but their body is hard at work developing important gross motor skills.

Academic Performance and Exer-Learning

Another benefit involves academic development. According to Dr Carla Hannaford, author of Smart Moves, states that “It is essential to the learning process to allow children to explore every aspect of movement and balance.” Today, there is a term for exactly that: Exer-learning. This involves combining learning with periods of exercise. In fact, 2 schools in Niagara decided to see what would happen if you had a group of students vigorously exercise 20 minutes before math class. The results? These students improved their mathematics performance by 20 percent.

Cardiovascular Health

By just bouncing 10 to 20 minutes a day, your child will strengthen their cardiovascular system. This offers the perfect balance between physical activity and mental stimulation for your child, as recreational activities such as gaming benefit their cognitive development, and playing on a trampoline will benefit their physical development. Plus, your child won’t be out of shape, wheezing and unable to keep up in gym related activities.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Trampoline for Your Child

After highlighting the basic benefits of using a trampoline, it’s time to consider some of the precautions to take before you purchase one for your child. Please remember that when anyone uses a trampoline, there are risks involved. While it offers many benefits, if not used correctly, it can result in an injury. To assist you, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued some guidelines regarding children and trampolines.

American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines

  • Consistent adult supervision
  • Children 5 and under should not jump
  • Only one child at a time, 75 percent of injuries occur with 2 or more children per trampoline
  • Strictly forbid jumping onto the trampoline from another structure, or from the trampoline to another structure
  • Unless they are taking supervised classes taught by professionals, do not allow children to perform fancy tricks, somersaults or flips
  • It should go without saying that toddlers should not be allowed on an adult trampoline

Tips on Purchasing a Trampoline for Your Child

  • Look for a trampoline with a sturdy, galvanized steel frame for durability and stability like the Trampolines from Alice’s Garden.
  • The springs should be well padded, and the padding should be of a different colour than the trampoline mat. This ensures that your child will stay in the centre of the mat, and avoid the outer area.
  • Only purchase one with an enclosure made from high quality, durable netting to prevent falling off
  • Always replace an old and worn trampoline with a new one. Older trampolines may not meet today’s current build standards or may be suffering from corrosion, torn padding or damaged mat.
  • Teach your children to stay in the middle of the trampoline, and when it’s time to get off, to never jump off.
  • Never allow them to use the trampoline if it suffers from food or drinks spills, or if they have come out of the pool. The mat should always be dry and in good condition.
  • If your child is under the age of 6, it’s recommended they only use small mini-trampolines specifically designed for small children.


We hope that this brief introduction of the benefits trampoline ownership can do for your child, gave you some additional insights. Keep in mind, that as all things, you’ll need to show your child how to use it properly. A trampoline can be an integral part of your child’s early development. When used correctly, a trampoline will improve their motor-skills, elevate their mood, strengthen their cardiovascular system, and improve learning, just to name a few. When it comes time to make that final decision, you’ll find an extensive collection of first-rate children’s enclosed trampolines at Alice’s Garden, These are high quality, well-built children’s trampolines, designed with your needs in mind.