Plus Size Floral Tops For Summer

You probably know by now that I love a good floral print. It’s always been one of my favourites and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. When the sunshine suddenly comes out and I’m not sure about what to wear, a floral print always makes me feel comfortable. Bright but not too in your face. Usually pretty and something that can be paired with ripped jeans. A get on and go outfit at it’s best.

As summer is popping in and out lately, I thought I’d share some of my favourite plus size floral tops around right now.

First up is this super bright soft jersey t-shirt. It’s a bit of a luxurious t-shirt and I love the colours. This is something that will always get a conversation started. This is the brightest of the lot and that’s because I always like to have an eye-catching piece to turn too.

The rest of the floral tops are just as gorgeous but a little more subdued. The yellow A-line top from ASOS has a fabulous cut that makes it stand out a little. The grey ruffle blouse from Missguided it perfect for work, rest or play. What’s nice about all of these tops is that they can be dressed up or down. Pop on some heels for a party vibe or some white pumps for a casual statement.

Apparently, wearing a floral top draws the eyes upwards and away from your hips and bum, the things people want to cover. That’s not why I wear floral; I wear it because I love the brightness in the prints. You need to wear whatever you feel comfortable in but don’t be afraid of wearing pattern. Not only will it brighten your mood but you’ll look amazing too!