Moving House – The Top 3 House Jobs We Need To Handle

We’re moving house soon (again!) but this time to a much bigger place. Woohoo! Finally, somewhere that won’t make me feel stressed as soon as I head to the bathroom in the morning because there is stuff EVERYWHERE! What’s nice about this new house is that we can change things up a little just to make it work for us. It’s not a total blank canvas because most of it is perfect already but we’re definitely looking forward to making our mark. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do some window-shopping, so I’ve come up with a few big things that I know we need to look at before we get there. You might be surprised that these are actually practical things. Not just pretty bits and bobs that I want scattered around the house. These are the top 3 things on our list to do, plus they are the 3 we’ve never had to do before!

Garden Basics

I don’t know anything about gardening. At the new house we have a front AND back garden. Help!!!! So I’m cramming in some basic gardening skills where I can and of course I’m looking for the prettiest gardening tool set going! We have to keep the garden in pristine condition. It will be gorgeous in summer and a real lovely place for the family to get together. Plus our little ones will have a safe space to run around in. It doesn’t get better than that.


Water Pressure

We have a pretty epic shower in the new house, (actually there are two!) but the boiler is in the attic, which is a bit odd for us. Moving from a flat it’s always been hidden in a cupboard somewhere. But we’re ready to compare salamander pumps at Pump Sales Direct if we need to sort out the water pressure. Trust me, there is no way I’m letting that epic rain shower head fail me because the water doesn’t have enough power! I want to feel like I’m showering in rainfall every morning.


Home Office

One of the big things we’re REALLY excited about at the new house is that we’ll have our own dedicated office space! I am so happy! It means we can work from home in a dedicated area with less distractions and actually put our work stuff somewhere. At the moment our dinner table is our desk as well as everything else. We have to be super organised here and I know Mr C will try and cram as much stuff in the office as possible. It’s going to be my job to keep it tidy and clutter free. Obviously it’s going to look good too, I mean it’s all about making the environment work for you…. And your Instagram! Haha!


We’ve never had to worry about a garden, water pressure or our own office before so It’s going to be a little adventure but one we‘ll try to enjoy doing. As long as we speak to the right people and get the correct stuff, it will be a breeze. I just can’t wait for the space. And the choice of shower room is just a bonus!