Nuby Natural Touch Steriliser & Dryer – Review

We’ve been sterilising baby bottles for over 2 years now so I feel like I know what I’m doing. A good steriliser is one of the new baby essentials that you need. There’s so many around and it can be hard to decide! Well, our last steriliser recently died on us. (So frustrating!) But Nuby came to the rescue with their brand new Natural Touch Steriliser and Dryer!

Nuby Natural Touch Steriliser & Dryer - Review

First up, it’s currently the ONLY steriliser that can sterilise AND dry your bottles. This means no more dripping bottles while you’re feeding or wet bags if you’re in a rush. The bottles can be dried and still be sterile! Perfect for new mums who are feeling a little anxious about the cleanliness of everything. When I first had Cameo I absolutely lost the plot with Chiino because I thought he wasn’t sterilising things properly. Of course, he was, but it was my fear that Cameo would get poorly because of something not clean enough. Now I realise babies are a little more resilient than I imagined. But having a steriliser like this really eases those worries.

How to sterilise baby bottles

The Nuby TC steriliser and dryer is a pretty thing. It’s taller than it is wide so you’ll need enough space under your cupboards etc but it really doesn’t take up much space. Probably as much as a 4 slice toaster! I have the black one which I think always looks really slick in a kitchen but it comes in white too. It took me 5 minutes to get the steriliser up and running with only a very brief look at the instructions. I’m so pleased it didn’t take longer than that. When you have two little ones, 5 minutes is the max time you’ll get! Ha!

Free baby bottle and soother from Nuby - pretty big butterflies

The steriliser consists of the base unit which has an on and off switch and plugs into the wall. The base unit has a metal plate where you put 90ml of water every time you use the steriliser. On top of that goes the main body of the steriliser. Inside that pops the bottle holder. The bottles go on these holders upside down. Then the lids of the bottles go on the bottom of the bottles. On top of this, last but not least, goes a white tray where you place the teats and that’s it. Pop the lid on and you’re off. It takes 30 seconds to put it all together. Honestly. By the way, you also get a free bottle and soother! Winning!

Nuby Natural Touch Steriliser & Dryer - Review

Once it’s all ready to go, you press the on button once just to sterilise, twice to sterilise and quick dry or press it three times to sterilise and super dry. In total the sterilise cycle takes about 10 minutes. That’s from heating up to removing a bottle from the unit. Much quicker than having to sterilise each one individually! The unit does beep quite loudly, so beware if you have sleeping little ones nearby, but at least you know it’s working and it’s a reminder that they’re ready.

How to switch on Nuby Natural Touch Steriliser & Dryer - Review

The Nuby Natural Touch Steriliser Kills 99.9% of germs, Uses natural steam sterilisation, Keeps bottles and other feeding accessories sterile for 24 hours if the lid is unopened. It holds 5 bottles and compatible with all bottle types – not just Nuby Bottles. You can also sterilise breast pumps, soothers and other feeding accessories.

The big thing for me is that I trust Nuby the brand. They’ve seen us well since Cameo was born and we’ve had no issues with any of their products. We’ve used everything from bottles to teethers, toys to cups and now their steriliser. Trust is a big thing when it comes to your baby. You’ll find a brand you love and stick to them.

How to switch on Nuby Natural Touch Steriliser & Dryer - Review

By the way, I have mentioned it already but I want to make sure you’ve totally got it. The ON / OFF switch is at the bottom of the unit. When I first set up the steriliser, for a split second I thought it was broken. But no, you just need to switch it on!

So the main things I love about the Nuby steriliser is that it doesn’t take up much space, is super easy to put together and use and that it has the added bonus of drying your bottles!

You can grab your steriliser directly from the Nuby website here