How to Stay Busy in the Garden Throughout Winter

The mornings may be darker and there may be less light in the day to work with, but there is still a lot that a gardener can do to keep themselves busy throughout the winter period. Whilst the ground may be crisp, and the temperatures may be very low, it’s nice to be able to carry on your hobby through winter and maintain your garden when it needs it the most. There’s nothing better than a fresh winters morning in the garden to really make you feel awake and revived.

Organise and Plan

Whilst the weather conditions may not be the best for your growing projects, that doesn’t mean you can start to plan ahead and organise your gardening calendar for the spring/summer. One of the best ways to figure out exactly what you want, and need, is to take a trip to your local garden centre and grab a few seed catalogues. Once you have decided what you want to grow, you can focus on purchasing the seeds and any other additional items required to get them planted and ready for the spring. You often find that with certain seeds, you may require a propagator for your greenhouse or some specific planting items to help you ensure your plants grow to the best of their ability.

Keep it Tidy

Winter can be a nightmare when it comes to the tidiness of your garden. From strong winds to torrential rain, you can never predict what the weather is going to do, and this is always the cause of a messy, untidy garden. Whilst it may seem pointless spending hours a day tidying up the garden for it to just become a mess again once the weather changes, it is actually really beneficial to keep on top of it, as this will make life much easier when it comes to spring, and you want to use the garden more frequently. For those days when you feel like the weather really isn’t on your side, just spend the odd hour or two a week, raking up leaves, pulling out some pesky weeds and throwing away any general rubbish that has blown into your garden. This way, when you do want to use the garden properly, it will take half the time to prepare it and get it looking fabulous again.

Care for Wildlife

Being able to care for the wildlife that enters your garden is really important, especially when you love your garden as much as you do. It’s such a special moment when you see a beautiful robin or blue-tit land on the fence and spend a good few moments enjoying the peace of your garden, and you can make it much nicer for them by providing them with some tasty food to tuck into. Having bird feeders scattered around your garden will help to encourage them to visit your garden, giving them a safe spot to have something to eat before going on their way. It can be difficult for birds to find food in the winter, especially when the snow falls, so it’s even more important to help them out at this time of the year.

General Maintenance

Keeping on top of the maintenance within your garden is really important, especially in the winter. It’s really beneficial to take a good look at your garden and keep track of how everything is, condition and performance wise. After a few weeks of bad weather, you may find that your fence becomes damage, the greenhouse windows get cracked or your flowerbeds may be ruined, so it’s important to keep an eye on your garden and fix issues as soon as they occur.