3 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Ever wanted to change your kitchen with a click of a finger? (I wish I could double the space but not sure that really possible to be honest!) Well here ate three simple ideas to revamp your cooking space quickly, affordably and creatively.


A super quick way to add some colour and personality to your kitchen is to add or replace the kitchen splashback. Whether you do behind the sink, cooker or both it’s a sure fire way of upgrading your kitchen. There are so many colours to choose from and using somewhere like Simply Plastics means your splashback can be made to measure to your exact specifications. It’s that easy. You can install the splashbacks with screws or grab adhesive. I bet this is one form of DIY you never thought of!


Handle It

Another simple way of transforming your kitchen is to change the cupboard handles. You can buy all sorts of designs to fit any taste and style. Plus, even the worst person at DIY can screw in a handle. Before you know it, it will look like you’ve changed your entire cupboard range.


Useful Ornaments

Even if you’re lacking space you can modernize and brighten up your kitchen with useful ornaments. A great example of this is by using herb pots. Not only does the bright green hue of the herbs brighten any room, but the pots can look super attractive these days. Whether you go for a shabby chic metal type bucket or uber chic white and glossy, it’s a kitchen ornament that serves a purpose. Get rid of the clutter and keep it simple with a few of these key elements splattered around the kitchen. It will make a world of difference.

Kitchen accessories

Those are my 3 ways of upgrading your kitchen quickly, affordably and simply. What ways have you restyled your room in a flash?