My Lottoz Travel Bucket List

Before we had Baby C I did quite a bit of travelling. In the last couple of years I’ve been to New York, Paris, Greece, Amsterdam, Canada and Turkey. The list goes on! Looking back it was great to just get up and go. As long as you had some extra money and a credit card it didn’t matter if your flight was cancelled or the hotel was a bit dodgy. We either put up with it or paid to make it better. But now we have a baby. I feel like we just can’t risk that. I guess that’s the new mum ‘fear’ right?

I still have SO many places on our wish list that I want to go to, and I know eventually we’ll do it. But if money were no option I have a bucket list destinations. I mean If I won a jackpot after betting with Lottoz we wouldn’t even need a bucket list. I’d just go on an around the world trip, first class. I’d hire someone to book things ahead for me so I knew everything for Baby C would be sorted. Private plane maybe? Well If I won the Euromillions a private plane wouldn’t even make a dent! (At the time of writing it currently stands at €73 million) This is obviously the world of Beyoncé or Simon Cowell. But a girl can dream.

I tried to bring my dreams into reality by giving Lottoz a go. It’s a super easy site to use. It allows you to play the biggest, most popular games from around the world. So you can play the US Powerball, even if you’re in the UK. As long as you’re sensible then why not have a bit of fun. Lottoz has commitment to the safest gaming environment possible. This is something that is of course really important. I appreciate the fact that they have this commitment while still making the process fun.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win big but I still have my bucket list of dream destinations and here is my top 3.


Beach at Needhams Point in the parish of St. Michael in Barbados in the West Indies, Caribbean on a sunny day with the beach and the blue waters promiment with trees to the right of the scene

We actually planned to go here before I found out I was pregnant, unfortunately due to the Zika virus we had to amend our plans and went to Turkey instead. This would be my idea of heaven.


To be honest, this will probably be one that we can manage even if we don’t win the lottery! It’s not too far and hopefully a lot of things should be pretty familiar. I want to go sight seeing. I especially want to see the Colosseum. The memories you have to look back on are priceless.


I can only imagine the wonder in this place. I would love to explore Thailand. The pictures I’ve seen make it look beautifully mystical. This is definitely on the lottery bucket list!

Where would you go if you won at Lottoz?