Ideas for your birthday wish list!

If you’re coming up to a birthday, it’s likely that your loved ones or significant other has either been looking for present hints, or just outright asked you to make a list of what you might like. While that always a lovely gesture, sometimes it’s not always as easy as it might sound to generate the ideas required to ensure there’s still some element on surprise on the day.

Obviously a much safer option – rather than being in the awkward and disappointing position of being gifted something you don’t like and either pretending you like it or asking if it’s possible to return through a forced smile – there are certain things that are more worth being on the receiving end of than others. Here then, for anyone looking, are a few pointers about ways you could either spend your next big day, or what might be nice to unwrap on the day.


A classic option, obviously, sometimes the right piece of jewellery is exactly what you need to put the broadest of smiles on your face. With such a wide array of options, even if you’ve specifically asked for diamond earrings from F Hinds, there’s no telling which of the amazing selection will be there when you flip open the top of that box.

An amazing way to have a keepsake for a major birthday, or just a new way to dress up and complete an outfit for a nice occasion, jewellery is an incredibly versatile gift. Personal, affectionate and incredibly thoughtful, there’s never a better time to make an addition to your jewellery box.

Spa Experience

Birthdays should be relaxing, spent away from work and with the people you love the most. With so much to stress us out the rest of the year, why not take the opportunity to get away for a day – maybe extending that overnight – and enjoy a pamper day. With so many options available up and down the country at increasingly good rates, there’s no excuse not to spend your birthday in complete and utter bliss, with your feet up and your eyes half closed.

City Break

Here’s the thing – going abroad doesn’t have to be expensive. With budget airlines offering great deals, hotel websites forever competing to offer the best rates and plenty of locations out there that don’t cost the earth to wander around, taking a long weekend and heading to Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Berlin or a whole host of alternatives has never been easier, or more affordable.