What Hides Behind Feeling At Home?

Picture the scene. It’s raining outside. It’s dark, and you can hear cats meowing in the distance. From time to time a car passes on the road behind your house. The wind blows the last few leaves that the winter hadn’t yet claimed. It’s terrible weather, but you don’t mind. You’re sitting on the sofa. Your cup of tea is on the small table in front of you. In the corner, the TV shows some inane advertising about PPI. You smile to yourself. You’re at home, and it feels good. It’s true that nothing can beat the feeling of being at home. But it’s fair to ask what it really means to feel at home.

Anywhere can be your home


It gives you a solid anchor

A home provides you with a sense of stability that you can compare to finally stepping onto firm ground having a trip on a boat. What happens outside can stay outside when you’re in your protective bubble. Needless to say, if you don’t feel on solid grounds, you probably need to have a look at renovation projects. For a start, you may not pay attention to your floors, but a squeaky or uneven floor can completely change your feeling of security. Similarly, poor light fittings can transform your safe retreat into a dark cave.


It’s a place of little pleasures

There’s no home without a smile. While it doesn’t mean that you need an abundance of luxury items, you should leave some room for an indulgent treat in your decor. If you’re a coffee lover, for instance, why not buy an organic blend of Tea and Coffee, a small British company in Kent. If you love sweet fragrances, how about keeping a vase of fresh flowers in the living room? Adding a little something that makes you smile is what makes a house your home.

Your realm and you’re in charge

It’s your home, with emphasis on YOUR. Of course, it also means that you are the one paying the mortgage. But, more importantly, you’re the boss. You can decide over everything, from the colour of the walls to your heating solutions. With the help of experts from Tech Advisor you can even extend your power of decision. Smart heating systems let you control the temperature from your smartphone, meaning that you don’t have to be in the house. But the bottom line is that you arrange the place as it suits YOU.


Where you create a family

The saying goes that home is where the heart belongs. It’s a place you share with those you love: partner, children and even pets. Can there be a stronger feeling than being with the people you cherish and building a life together? This is a rhetorical question, by the way. There isn’t a stronger feeling than that. But it’s precisely why your home is a comfortable retreat at the end of a long day. You can leave your worries at the door and relax, being confident that you are loved as much as you love.


Feeling at home is, ultimately, the combination of several emotions. From safety to family, a home is the extension of your aspirations and hopes for the future. With the right elements, anywhere can be your home.