Getting Your Car Ready For An Epic Road Trip

When you’re planning an epic road trip it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of things. I mean who wouldn’t? A few days of blissful quality time, no timetable, no mundane normal life things to do. Just you, the open road and lots of excitement. But it’s really important that you get your car ready and prepped for a long journey. Especially if you’re heading to Europe. It isn’t as easy as being at home in the UK and just calling your local garage if things go a little wrong. So investing in a bit of time to get your car sorted could save you lots of time (and money) in the long run. For everything car check related, popping your car into somewhere like can give the peace of mind you need before heading off. Here are some of the basic things to consider before you jet off on your European road trip.

  • Tyre check for wear, inflation and alignment
  • Level of wear on the brake pads
  • All lights working properly
  • Check fluid levels and top up (engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, radiator coolant and windscreen washer fluid)
  • Check that you have a spare tyre and that it’s in good shape
  • It might also be worth you getting European breakdown cover
  • You still need travel insurance!

My dream road trip has to be the winding roads of Tuscany in Italy. I’ve done my research (checking out pictures on Instagram counts right?) and it just looks beautiful. A really relaxing and breathtaking road trip. We might have to leave the kids behind for that one! I think it ticks my boxes because you can see so many of the famous landmarks but still do it all on your road trip. It’s a mixture of being in the heart of a tourist destination to being out in the sticks going it alone. It’s also supposed to be the heart of food and wine. So we may not be able to taste the wine but we can definitely indulge in the food! My mouth is watering already. It really sounds like the dream.

After doing some research on road trips around Italy a few things are really apparent. Always carry your passport, drivers license,  insurance papers and a reflective safety vest, which in Italy is mandatory.  It’s also worth getting to know your Italian road signs, apparently, they’re not as easy to read as the ones here in the UK!

The best thing about going on a road trip has to be the thrill of discovery. It allows you to take your time and really explore an area. You don’t always get to do that on standard holidays. But being on the open road, in the middle of nowhere means that your car checks are super important! You might not come across a shop for miles let alone a garage. So do your pre-road trip checks and go live the dream. I’ll be doing it sometime in the future!