How to give your child’s bedroom a budget makeover

The ever-evolving nature of trends in interior design can make it tough to keep up, and children’s bedrooms are no exception. Combined with the inevitable changes in taste that arise as your child grows up, you may feel under pressure to update their bedroom every month. With such erratic opinions of a single room, how can you possibly afford to change it as frequently as you want to? To make sure you never have to ask yourself that question, we’ve outlined a number of ways you can give your child’s bedroom a budget makeover.

How to give your child’s bedroom a budget makeover

Frame old artwork

Allowing your child’s artwork to take pride of place on their bedroom walls can help inspire confidence in them whilst creating a dynamic and diverse patchwork of colours. Japanese washi tape is a versatile piece of kit that can be used to frame pictures of any size and shape – it can even be used as a decorative tool in its own right!

Wall stickers

Wall stickers are an inexpensive and painless way to refresh a room. You can easily get your hands on a selection of fun wall stickers that are perfect for a child’s room, in a range of styles and themes. Without requiring the same investment of time and effort, stickers can have as much impact as a fresh lick of paint. Once you’re finished with them, they are easily removed, and don’t leave a mark.

Blackboard wall

Installing a blackboard gives your child’s room an unrivalled level of customisability. The blackboard is immune to the whims of changing trends, and can easily be adapted with different colours and designs every time you or your child fancies a change. It is also ideal for fostering the creativity of your child, allowing your child to doodle from the comfort of their own room, as and when they please.


Having an abundance of cushions on the bed is a pet peeve of many, and throwing a load of cushions on the floor as an inescapable precursor to going to sleep does seem slightly counter-intuitive. However, going all out when it comes to pillows, cushions and throws does undoubtedly add an element to a room that can sometimes be missing. Consider finding cheap textiles and furnishings to layer over a quality bed frame such as a Steens single bed for an easy bedroom update.


You may or may not be familiar with the term upcycling, referring to the creative re-use of otherwise unwanted products. Whether you were aware of the term or not, it’s bound to become a more and more popular pursuit in light of the emphasis placed on recycling. Re-purposing excess carpet as a rug is a simple and cheap way to introduce a splash of colour and comfort into your child’s bedroom, and a good opportunity to unleash your creative side in the process!