Styling Out Your Family Home with a Sprinkle of Sass

You absolutely adore your family home; you spent a lot of time-saving up for your dream home and you couldn’t be happier that you are actually living in it now. Since you had little ones your home décor has had to take somewhat of a backseat. Your focus was shifted away from chic colour palettes and garden landscaping and more towards dirty diapers and mushy food. Now that your little ones are getting a bit older you are ready to overhaul your home and make it feel stylish again. From storage solutions to dazzling design methods, you are ready to give your home the ultimate freshen up. You have a completely open mind when it comes to giving your home a good old renovation, so you are open to any idea that might come your way. You want to feel as excited as you did when you first moved into your home many years ago. It is time to get rid of the baby stains, tattered furniture and spruce up your garden completely. You will soon be able to transform your home from a grumpy old abode to a spectacular showcase. The possibilities are endless, so use your creative flair and consider all of these sassy style concepts.

Furniture Fundamentals

Your furniture has become pretty tattered and torn after all of the toddler hustle and bustle over the years. You need to upgrade your furniture and go for something truly unique and elegant. Consider classic Italian furniture as your first choice. You will have an array of designs to choose from and you can find some extremely timeless pieces that would suit your home décor perfectly. Whether you choose a lavish new sofa with elaborate detailing or you pick a sturdy coffee table as the centerpiece of your living room, you can be sure that your home will look completely new with these amazing additions.


Luxury Lighting

Lighting can really make or break the overall vibe and atmosphere of a home. If you choose something too garish or bright, you won’t have the enjoyable, relaxing ambience that every homeowner wants to have as soon as they step through the door. Choose your ceiling lights carefully and get a dimmer switch installed if you can. Having the option to change your room from one brightness setting to another will really give you the flexibility you need. Scatter stylish lamps throughout each of your rooms too and you will have a tasteful glimmer of light in every area of your home.

Perfect Palettes

If you are buying new furniture and lighting for your home, then you probably want to give your walls a fresh lick of paint too. Your paintwork can become chipped and faded over time if you don’t keep the colour topped up. Think about a new colour scheme that will really lift the darker areas of your home into something much more natural. Find some inspiration and experiment with tester pots from your local paint store. Opt for neutral tones that really complement each other; the lighter the shade the more spacious your rooms will appear.

Grand Garden

You can’t forget about your garden when you are considering giving your home a brand new makeover. You can often neglect your outdoor spaces, especially during the colder months when you don’t like to venture out there too much. No matter how big or small your garden project is, you will need to spend a little time planning your new open-air space. Perhaps you want to create a vegetable patch where you can grow your own greens or maybe you have always wanted to install a small swimming pool in your backyard. You might just want a pop of colour to brighten it up, so plant some fresh flower beds and enjoy watching the buds blossom in the sunlight.


Savvy Storage

When you rearrange and refurbish your rooms, you might want to think about creating the optimum amount of storage space. As your family gets bigger, you will need more and more room. Look online for some clever storage ideas and try to incorporate these into your home décor plans. Invest in furniture that has secret storage compartments so that you can keep your little knick knacks safely tucked away. There are so many interesting ways you can store your stuff, so discover the handy hack that works for you and your family.

A Sprinkle of Sass

You obviously want your furniture and design ideas to be robust enough to endure the everyday wear and tear of your family. You also want it to have that little extra touch of pizzazz which makes it extra special. Think about how you can add your own sprinkle of sass to each of your rooms. Whether it is a decorative cushion on the sofa or an elegant candle on the mantelpiece, make sure you add your element of creativity to your home.

Fun for the Family

You are decorating your home because you want to have a super stylish abode to be proud of, but you also need to think practically. Make sure your little ones are benefitting from some of the changes too. Whether that involves an extra big bed for cuddles in the morning or a new arts and crafts station in the kitchen so they can have fun whilst you cook dinner. Get them involved in some of the creative processes and really find out what will make them excited.


You want your home to have a completely different vibe than it has ever had before. You now live in a sophisticated and chic abode with stunning furniture, awe-inspiring shades and a gorgeously glimmering garden.  Your children can grow up in a beautifully decorated environment and truly appreciate how lucky they are to have such a beautiful family home. You can host dinner parties for your friends and family and they will be amazed at the transformation that has occurred throughout your household. It is time to make some creative choice that suit your tastes and suit your family’s needs. Get started on your project today and you will have a completely different residence in just a couple of months.