Destination Budget: Experience London and Save Money at the Same Time

Whether it’s the museums, its historical spots, or just the general hype that surrounds it, the idea of exploring London appeals to a lot of us.

It will come as no surprise, therefore, that in 2017, 19 million people visited the city, a statistic that has no doubt increased since. Yet despite this rise in tourism, the high costs associated with the city can often deter a great number of us from venturing there. But as this guide illustrates, you needn’t raid the bank to wholly experience the capital – in fact, there are plenty of ways to achieve this on a budget. Here’s how.

Choose the Right Deals for You

Discounts are fantastic, in whatever form they come. But it’s important not to plan activities solely around saving money. Doing this will only result in a trip based around deals, rather than enjoyment. After all, the latter is, of course, what holidays should be about!

With this in mind, finding deals that offer several sightseeing opportunities at the same time – like London Eye Offers – can help you to tick off several items on the bucket list in one day, and ultimately ensure that you are making the most of your time in London as well as saving money.

Learn from Seasoned London Travellers

Travel blogs are not just great for sharing anecdotes – many offer money-saving tips tailored to specific destinations. And as you can probably guess, this includes London. In fact, the internet is packed with ways to fully experience the capital while saving money. Some even give advice on finding free activities in this expensive city.

If you are looking for even more budget inspiration, why not venture onto Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, where you’ll find loads of creative ways to experience one of the most exciting cities cheaply.

Buy Tickets in Advance

It may sound obvious, but planning where you want to go, and, more importantly, how much each activity will cost can save huge amounts of time and energy. And this is especially worthwhile when it comes to London, a city renowned for its long queues and expensive ticket prices and can free up time that would otherwise be spent waiting around enjoying the culinary delights of your host city.

Those of us who have been lucky enough to see London will attest that it only becomes more mesmerising with every visit. And whether it’s your first or fiftieth trip, knowing how to absorb its charm on a budget can make you feel even closer to the capital.