WIN A Summer Saviour Kit And Get Outdoors With The Kids

We’re halfway through the school holidays and bank holiday is fast approaching. This used to go right over my head until I had kids. Summer holidays just meant more traffic on the roads during the day and supermarkets full of families. But now – NOW it’s a whole new thing. Our eldest son is almost 20 months and already he screams to get outside. He absolutely loves the outdoors. But it can be hard, especially as new parents with lack of time, to know what to do with them. So the lovely team at Germolene have created this REALLY helpful FREE guide called ‘Germolene 90 Days of Summer‘. The guide has 90 ideas of free and cheap ways to embrace the garden, park or beach as well as what to do with the grandparents, what to do if you only have half an hour or if you have a whole day to roam free!

Germolene 90 Days of Summer

Some of it might seem really simple and basic, but they’re so easy to forget. But there are some real gems in here that help gets the imagination going. A couple of my favourites are creating a music wall. Hang up wind chimes, water bottles, spare pans – whatever you have and a wooden spoon (of course) Let the kids bang it out like they’re auditioning for the next rock band!

Outdoor play with the kids ideas

Another one of my fave ideas that I totally forgot I used to do as a child is chalk art! No mess and easy to clean up, let the kids run free on the pavement or brickwork with some colourful chalk. I bet you can’t stop yourself getting involved! Cameo LOVES doing this and it really does keep him entertained. He draws on the floor and on our brick walls in the garden. It really doesn’t matter because either the rain or a pan of water will wash it away and they can start all over again tomorrow.

Win a getoutside and play gift set

The guide from Germolene really is a wonderful little book of inspiration, you’d be silly if you didn’t give it a download and check it out. But to help you on your way and to give you a little push to get outside I’m giving you a chance to WIN a great summer saviour bundle from Germolene.

It includes everything you need for a day in the garden or a couple of hours at the park. Think chalk, bubbles, frisbees, skittles, paints and more! It all comes in a lovely cool bag so you can keep your wine – water chilled while you’re out in the sun.

To enter just answer the below Rafflecopter! (Don’t forget to download the free 90 Days of Summer Guide.)

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