Our Tour de Trike Adventure – #LTTourdeTrike

I knew kids had energy but my eldest son Cameo has tonnes of it! He is 20 months now and since we moved to Nottingham back in March he has absolutely revelled in the outdoors. He loves to run, literally just run. Take him to a park and he’ll ignore the swings. He just wants to explore. London is great (I lived there for 30 years!) but you can’t beat the open space we have now. Not only have we got a garden but we have loads of open, safe space and Cameo loves it. The only issue is that he runs off pretty quickly and if he sees a bike.. well… he runs after it shouting bike! It’s funny, but not so much when you’re trying to run after him!

Setting up a Little Tikes Trike

We realised it was time to get him some kind of ride on or bike. Our top choice was a Little Tikes Trike. We love Little Tikes in our house. From trucks to slides, they’re already firm favourites. So it made sense to trust a brand we had already grown to love. I mean this parenting thing is hard, especially with your first born. So I tend to gravitate towards my favourite brands for big things like this.

Our big Tour De Trike adventure may not be big to some but it is for us. Exploring our new surroundings and a new town is a huge deal. More for me than Cameo but still an adventure! What’s great is that in Nottingham there have been a host of bike rides lately. From Cycle Live 2018 to The Tour of Britain which everyone really celebrated here. Cameo has been surrounded by bikes. So it worked perfectly when he saw his new Trike. He isn’t quite ready to go it alone yet. I’m not sure if it’s laziness or him just getting used to wheels. So it was important for us to get a bike that could grow with him. That he was secure in and that we could manage to push with no problems. We plan on doing so much exploring over the next few months trying to get to know all the secret places in Nottingham.

Our Tour de Trike Adventure - #LTTourdeTrike

Our Tour de Trike Adventure - #LTTourdeTrike

That’s where the Little Tikes 4 in 1 Trike comes in! It’s a fabulous little trike. Pretty easy to put together (thanks to Chiino for that one!) It’s strong but agile and amazingly easy to push and steer. It has an adjustable push handle which can be changed depending on your height. Brilliant for me and my 6ft fiancé! I’m so pleased it’s strong but lightweight, it was one of my concerns after recently having a c section. But it’s a real pleasure to push around, to be honest.

At the moment Cameo sits in it and pops his feet on the footrests. Soon enough we’ll be able to take them off and teach him to practice using the pedals. Then when he gets used to that we can remove the steering lock and he can have a full on little trike that he rides himself. Brilliant isn’t it? Plus it will save us money. No need to buy another bike in a years time. It also has a generous basket at the back of the trike. Perfect for picking up trinkets on our adventure. Or, to carry mummies shopping in!

Toddlers trike review - pretty big butterflies

Toddlers trike review - pretty big butterflies

We started a little late as it’s suitable for little ones from 9 months old. But we have a newborn who’ll make use of it from an earlier age. It lasts until they’re 4 too which I think makes it great value for money. That means Cameo has lots of time before he outgrows it. It has a UV sunshade which I think is a really key feature that so many trikes and bikes don’t think of. It also comes with a 5-point seat belt harness and a drinks holder. Seriously, these guys have thought of everything.

I love that Cameo can be outdoors looking around, the wind in his hair and exploring his surroundings without us having to chase him and without him being restricted to a boring buggy! It doesn’t matter if it gets wet either so we’ll be wrapping him up and continuing our Tour de Trike adventure all through the winter!

The best toddler trike

Find out more about the Little Tikes Tour de Trike adventures now and have a browse of all the trikes they have on offer. There really is something for every little one.