When Caring For Your Baby Doesn’t Cost The Earth

A baby’s skin is 10 times more delicate than adult skin so it’s not surprising that so many babies don’t take to bath products very well. When I first had Cameo I was scared of touching him let alone letting anything else touch his skin. I was really careful about what products I used and the same goes for Marlo now. Except I’m a little less scared and I know what products I trust. It’s only now that Cameo is a little older that I’m happy to experiment with new products. I love new skincare for myself and I guess the same goes for the boys. As long as it’s gentle on their skin I’m happy to give it a try. But as I said, now I’m on to baby number two, I know some of the products that I trust and InfaCare is one of them.

When Caring For Your Baby Doesn't Cost The Earth

InfaCare bubble bath - pretty big butterflies

InfaCare bubble bath has been formulated to be as natural and gentle as possible. Yeah yeah… heard that before right? Well, infaCare doesn’t contain Sodium Trideceth Sulfate which in other products dry out skin, so it is even more gentle on your baby’s skin. Cameo has really dry skin and so far it hasn’t irritated him or dried it out further. It has a mild, barely there fragrance. Just lovely, powdery and clean. If that makes sense!?

Infacare bubble bath review - pretty big butterflies

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Now for the fun part! The bubbles are fab. Considering it’s so gentle, the bath really does foam up. Plus, from a mummy perspective, it’s so cost-effective. A small bottle (400ml) is enough for 57 baby baths and a large bottle (750ml) will provide 107 baths. Unless you’re like me and get bubble happy! I really put way too many bubbles in my own bath let alone the kids. Oh, did I mention I might use this for myself occasionally? Don’t tell Cameo! He knows it’s his and already hates sharing!

Look after baby skin on a budget - pretty big butterflies

InfaCare is a must for your babies bath time. Knowing their skin is being protected is priceless but it’s such an affordable product! (£2.50 for 400ml at Tesco!) Definitely on the shopping list for future reference.

*Items are gifts but opinions are my own or my sons!