Review: Peppa Pig Wooden Play Desk

Marlo is 3 and loves doing everything that his (slightly) older big brother does. But at the same time, he really, really loves his own space. I think because they’re so close in age they generally must share everything, which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. But I’m starting to see that Marlo is becoming a little bit more independent. He is finding things that he likes doing by himself, such as drawing, trying to write his name, and making little piles of ‘his stuff only’. So, when the Peppa Pig wooden play desk arrived, it was like it was made for him. The fact he can have his own little creative space AND it’s Peppa Pig, well, his dreams have come true.

The Peppa Pig Wooden Play Desk doesn’t need much to put it together, just a screwdriver and a bit of time. One tip would be to make sure you look at the picture on the box so that the lid goes on the right way. (We did it wrong the first time!). It’s super bright and colourful, full of Peppa Pig and her friends. It’s a solid desk and doesn’t even wobble when Marlo sits on it. It really is such a cute product, designed perfectly for little ones.

It has a blackboard on the inside of the desk and lots of compartments for bits and bobs. Marlo is very fussy with what goes where and won’t let me move things around! We’ve popped a Peppa Pig plastic cup in the hole on the desk which fits perfectly. I’ve popped some pens and pencils in there for him but would be great if he wanted to do some painting too.

I love the fact that the desk is wooden. It’s a fab substantial Christmas gift that will be passed down to a cousin or friend once Marlo has outgrown it, if he lets me! He absolutely loves it and although it’s a good chunky desk, it doesn’t take up much space at all.  It encourages Marlo to be more creative and he has really enjoyed having his own space. It’s definitely a welcome addition to our home.

The Peppa Pig Wooden Desk is available now from Argos.