Casdon Toy Dyson Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner Review

They say that children copy what their parents/elders do. So I’m chuffed that Cameo loves to sweep, hoover and clean up. I feel like we never do enough of it, so I guess it feels like we must do if he has picked up on it. So our house can’t be that messy after all! He is definitely at the stage where he wants to copy everything we do. One of the funniest is hovering. We bought him a little hoover from a charity shop last year, unfortunately, it didn’t work but he still loved moving it around. So you can imagine his delight when we got sent the Toy Dyson Cord-free vacuum cleaner to review!

It’s literally a mini-me of the real thing. My mum thought it was an actual handheld vacuum! Even now I’m laughing out loud. It’s super easy to put together and Cameo pretty much did it himself which is great. It’s one of those toys that doesn’t take much setting up so perfect for little impatient toddlers. It includes changeable attachments so it transforms from a floor vacuum to a handheld. The attention to detail is so good, it really does just look like a mini hoover.

Casdon Toy Dyson Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner Review

Casdon Toy Dyson Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner Review - toys for toddlers

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The hoover has a very very light working suction. To be honest, it’s never actually picked anything up BUT it honestly doesn’t matter. The sound and moving colourful balls in a clear cylinder tub make it look and sound real enough. The button to turn the vacuum cleaner on is just under the handle. Cameo took a little while to get used to it but absolutely loves pressing it now. It’s really lightweight too so he can carry it around with no problem at all. It’s also cordless which I prefer. Cameo loves to put things around his neck and scare the life out of me. So thankfully this is one toy we don’t have to worry about him playing with! As a little warning, it requires 3 x AA Batteries for the sound and rotating cylinder to work.

One of the key things for me is that the vacuum cleaner and the parts are really robust. Cameo has a tangent to throw things around while he is playing with them and so far this has stood the test of time. The fact it’s lasted more than a week without falling apart means it gets a thumbs up from me.

Casdon Toy Dyson Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner Review

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It’s fab for imaginative play and he’ll get it out when we’re hovering or he’ll happily just start hovering at a random time. It’s a bit like his party piece, so he always gets the vacuum out if we have visitors. Everyone says ‘you’re training him early’. But that’s not the case at all. He’d push the full size one around if he could. (OK, maybe I am secretly hoping it loves to clean when he is a teenager because I know I didn’t haha!)

Overall it’s a great all round toy. As long as you remember it’s not supposed to be an actual Dyson Vacuum Cleaner and it’s just a toy version then it’s well worth the price. It’ll be in our household for quite some time!


*We have been gifted this toy to review – all views are our own