An Adventure in the Peak District

I went on adventure over the weekend. It was last-minute. Well, I think it was. I only found out about it a week before that Mr C would be taking me to “Derby”. I mean Derby’s nice. I loved their big shopping centre last time I went, but I wasn’t sure why we were going on a random trip to Derby in September.

We set off on our journey after work and were in for a four-hour trek, from London, up the M1 and into the Midlands. R&B tunes blasting all the way, snacks and random motorway games kept us going as it was a bit of a drive.  Once we got nearer, I have to admit that I had concerns. The signs kept pointing us in the direction of Alton Towers – a place I do NOT want to be when I’m 6 months pregnant. It was just one or two signs though – I honestly thought that’s where Mr C was taking me when I saw the 8th one!

Walking Breaks in the UK

He reassured me that it wasn’t our final destination, thankfully. He said we would be staying in a hotel, and that it was close. Next panic: where the hell are we? We were driving down the narrowest country roads, over cattle grids, past sheep and through cottage-filled villages. It was too dark to see where we were in detail but it was getting cooler and I could sense we were in a fresher environment.  Mr C wouldn’t tell me what we were doing though! I didn’t get it. He wouldn’t explain why we had to basically drive through bushes to get to where ever we were going to.

Dovedale Valley

It was getting later, darker, and we were taking so long to get there that the person on the hotel’s reception phoned to say she was going home if we didn’t get there by 11pm! I did slightly panic at this thought. With 14 minutes to spare, we pulled up in an olde style establishment with very welcoming staff. We settled down, cuddled up in the cosy double bed and got to sleep in a lovely room that made me wonder what the hotel used to be 100 years ago.

Walking Weekend Breaks

When I woke up and drew the curtains, I couldn’t believe where we were. We were in the Peak District, Dovedale to be exact. There were MASSIVE hills all around us, and this hotel (the Izaak Walton) was in the perfect location to access it. The view from the hotel was immense, the breakfast was lush, and it couldn’t have been closer to our final destination – the Dove Valley. The journey has got me wanting to look into more walking weekend breaks like this in the future. Even being pregnant I felt so invigorated and the scenery was beautiful I wondered what else the UK has to offer! If this is anything to go by, a British Break is the way to go. The scenery is just stunning, especially compared to London.

The Izaak Walton - Dovedale

What else happened there? Well I’ll let you all know soon… but it’s all very exciting!