Fun and Educational Peppa Pig Toys

*This article included gifted products, all opinions are my own.

Marlo is having a major Peppa Pig moment. I remember when Cameo loved Peppa (he still does a little bit if he was honest) but Marlo is still a full-on Peppa and George fan. So when we were sent these amazing Peppa Pig toys from Trends UK (the makers of the Peppa Pig electronic learning toys) we knew Marlo was about to be one very happy bean indeed!

When my little ones are really into a character, I always try and use it to my advantage. It can be hard to get little ones to sit down and focus or concentrate on anything, but if it’s something they like (hello Peppa!) and it’s fun but educational. It’s a winning moment in my book! If little ones are having fun, they’re probably learning at the same time. That’s my theory.

If you have a Peppa Pig fan and want to encourage learning while they have fun, these are some brilliant toys to consider.

Peppa Pig Count with Peppa Available from Argos

Count with is Peppa brilliant for helping little ones learn numbers and colours. It’s also fab for fine motor development as children try and get to grips with posting the coins. Peppa directs little ones to pop coins into her purse, and when they’ve done it, she’ll respond and tell them Well done! The coins are easy for little fingers to use and to post into Peppa’s purse, sometimes I find toys like these are a little tricky.

There are 10 coins and 8 different activities focusing on numbers, colours and pictures. It’s a fab little toy for them. Peppa also sings some well-known songs from the series. It’s suitable for ages 2+ and is a lovely toy that will definitely keep little ones entertained for more than 10 minutes.

Peppa’s Phonic Alphabet Available from Argos

We really love this Peppa Pig Phonic Alphabet toy! This one is for ages 3+ so it’s a little bit more complex, which is great for Marlo. It’s all about encouraging problem-solving and focuses on letters, numbers, and colours. It also used phonics which I now know (one child later!) is the best way for little ones to learn letters. Peppa comes with 8 interactive play cubes (which are very clever!) which you must pop into the front of Peppa’s dress. This can be tricky at first but once Marlo realised what way it was supposed to go in and got used to using a little bit of pressure, he was loving it!

There are various buttons to press and depending on which one your little one chooses, Peppa will request a particular cube. There are 8 cubes, but all have various pictures, letters, words, and colours. It’s one of the most all-round learning through play toys we’ve had from Peppa, plus it comes with a little bag to put everything in. No missing pieces – hooray!.

Peppa’s Flip & Learn Phone Available from Argos

Is there a single kid who doesn’t like to play with a phone? I don’t know what it is, but the fascination is so real! Peppa’s Flip & Learn Phone is gorgeously bright and flips (which kids seem to adore!). It’s interactive and little ones can press the various buttons and listen to Peppa talk back along with some of her friends such as Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep and Candy Cat!

 It’s quite a chunky little thing which means it’s robust enough to be dropped but still carry on working. Peppa also has a little quiz that gets children to press the numbers to answer which is a. nice touch but Marlo just likes to press the buttons to see what happens! It also has a light-up screen which makes it feel a little bit more real for them. It’s one of those great distraction toys for in the car when you’re out and about or need them distracted for 10 minutes. It’s also for ages 18+ so will go down a treat if you’re looking for the perfect gift.

All of these toys are available from Argos and all encourage your little ones to #LearnwithPeppa.