DouDou NopNop by Kaloo

No, I’m not speaking a different language, well not fully anyway. NopNop is a lovely soft animal puppet range from Kaloo, who are a french brand specialising in soft toys and bedding accessories. DouDou is a french term for a beloved snuggly, a soft comforter type toy or blanket. I told you, I wasn’t going a bit loopy, the title does make sense! Kaloo have been around for over 16 years so they know what they are doing in when it comes to babies and children. It really shows because Baby C is in love with his ‘Honey’ bee puppet and to be honest so am I.

honey bee NopNop Puppet from Kaloo review - Pretty Big Butterflies

There’s so many reasons why this is a lovely toy for a baby of any age, Baby C is turning 3 months and is starting to grab at things with bright colours. He can smile and already reacts to shapes and sound. In terms of learning, health and safety the NopNop range is perfect. The puppets tick all the boxes for sensory play with bright colours, different textures and bits that move around but are safe (and don’t fall apart if they are dribbled on or pulled!) It’s soft and the textures are lovely. It has so much detail it’s not a surprise it catches anyones eye, especially a little one. I can imagine this is going to be one of those toys that will be in a memory box somewhere when Baby C is 30. It’s just so lovely, definitely  great gift for a new baby I’d say.

honey bee NopNop Puppet from Kaloo review - Pretty Big Butterflies

What’s nice about this is that it’s interactive between adult and baby. So when my parents come round they love playing pretend with Honey the Bee and all types of stories and voices suddenly come out, talk about bring the child out in everyone else! Baby C has reacted really well to his NopNop. He holds it, makes noises at it when it’s in front of him, follows it around with his eyes and has JUST started to realise he can touch it. It’s pretty amazing and when he starts talking to the puppet it’s hilarious. We’ve named this NopNop buzzy bee and I’m so pleased it found its way into our home. I’d quite happily have all ten of them and use them to make story time that little more fun as Baby C gets older. This is definitely a toy for any new baby or toddler, it’s about using that imagine we all have and really having some fun while learning. I love it and I know Baby C is a massive fan.