How to find the best places in London

London is a huge place full of amazing little (and big) places to visit. Some places are obvious – The London Eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge etc. But It can be a little overwhelming when you’re looking for somewhere special to eat, visit or even sleep. If you don’t know someone who knows the city inside out (I’ve lived here all my life and still struggle!) than you need something like this pretty cool web app from SACO. It’s like having a bestie on hand that knows the trendiest places to hit whole in London. PLUS, it tells you the places you need to go depending on how much time you have. 1 day, 3 days or even a week. It’s like your very own tour guide.

What I always find difficult when planning any city trip is finding accommodation close to the key things I wan to visit. It can take me hours working out the best place to stay depending on a certain restaurant, landmark or event. It can be so frustrating! This web app helps you plan ahead. You can find everything at once so you make the most of your previous time in the big city. From London-serviced apartments to the best local brunch spot that only a local would know. Exploring the city has just got easier – even for me!

SACO exploring the city of London

What’s more, the web app also offers exclusive discounts at some eateries within the Square Mile. So it’s not just like having a friend as a tour guide, it’s also one that doesn’t mind treating you while you’re in town! I told you – if your looking for something to do in London in a day, a weekend or even over a week, give this app a try and unlock the secrets hidden gems.


Find the app here.