Casdon Supermarket Till Review

If anyone leaves the room at the moment Cameo says they’ve gone to the shop. He is adamant that everything has come from the shop if it comes into the house and that if anyone leaves they are going to the shop. I know it’s because his Grandad has been taking him to the local supermarket lately and has let him pull the trolley around and pay the lady at the checkout. So you can imagine his excitement when he woke up from his nap today to find a complete little toy supermarket till from Casdon all set up and ready for him.

Casdon Supermarket Till Review

Casdon Supermarket Till Review


Luckily, it only took me about 10 minutes to set up. It needs 3x AA batteries to get fully up and running. (Some bits still work without them) One thing I have to say, that at first, I thought the till was broken. For the life of me, I couldn’t find an ON switch. I felt like an idiot when I sent an email to the lovely team who gifted us the toy and was told the on switch is the little square on the bottom right of the touch keypad. Now it stands out like a sore thumb, but apparently, they’d had a few of these queries. So keep that in mind. THERE IS AN ON SWITCH!

The food was brilliant because it had branded essentials we all recognise such as milk and Hovis bread. The cardboard boxes – as to be expected didn’t last long in our household as Cameo soon squashed them to pieces. But a month later and the other food bits are still in great form.

Toys for toddlers

Toys for toddlers

The till itself has touch-sensitive buttons which beep and also works as a working calculator. It has a microphone, which does actually work –it’s now loud but it’s great fun watching Cameo shout – ‘hello – its Cameo here’. This is our first till / toy shop and it’s so much fun. Cameo loves to pretend he is scanning the food on the handle that beeps. He loves to open and shut the cash register and he has now learnt what money is – well what it looks like and that it has to be given to people or put away. It has everything a till could have – from a chip and pin machine to pretend money.

One thing that Cameo really loves about the Casdon Supermarket Till is how much noise it makes. It has loads of beeps, pings and dings. You can’t adjust the volume. So keep that in mind as our 7-month-old isn’t a fan haha! But it really is a fun all round toy.

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Toys for 2 year olds

I always mention this in my toy reviews, but it’s a really sturdy piece of equipment. It’s survived lot’s of bashing, falling off the table and all that kind of stuff! It’s a great size too so can easily be stored away in a toy box or popped on a table.

Cameo will be playing with this over the next couple of years I have no doubt about it. We can buy more pretend food etc. over time, but the sturdiness and entertainment factor of the till will keep going for a long time. As he gets older he’ll realise that the calculator works properly and he can actually have his own little shop corner in the front room.

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*We have been gifted this toy to review – all views are our own