What To Get A Toddler – If In Doubt, Get The Bubbles Out

When Cameo was born I felt like we were inundated with baby bath products. It sounds silly now, but we didn’t really need it. Well, not in huge quantities anyway. But I know that’s just what you do, isn’t it? Baby bath stuff is a part of every baby shower gift going. This might come as a surprise now but we use more bath stuff now that he is a toddler than when he was a baby. (He is still my baby, but you know what I mean). So I’m giving you all a head up. If you want to know what to buy a toddler (or the toddlers parents more to the point, because my 19-month-old is happy with a cardboard box!) it’s baby bath stuff! YES! It’s not JUST for babies!

Johnsons Sleep Tight gift set review

We could easily bath Cameo 5 times a day. But we don’t. Because we wouldn’t have a life in between nappy changes and cutting up his dinner! But the mess he gets himself into sometimes, I wonder where he’s been when I’m not looking! He is at the age now where he just gets dirty and needs a real proper bath. Not just a dip. He also loves bath time (thank goodness) and bubble baths are great. Sometimes when it’s a good bubble day he doesn’t want to get out. But I’d rather that than him not wanting to get in!

This Johnsons Sleep Tight gift set is perfect. Whether you’re gifting a mum to be (great baby shower gift by the way), a new mama or someone who is a little further in the parenting game. This is perfect. Not only does it include the essentials but it looks lovely. Minimal effort required. It’s filled with lovely full-size JOHNSON’S® Bedtime Products including baby oil, lotion, baby bath and baby wash. But it’s also filled with a water-resistant book and bedtime socks. TOO cute!

What To Get A Toddler - If In Doubt, Get The Bubbles Out

I’m a big fan of the Bedtime products. They’re really gentle, so far we’ve had zero tears from bubbles in the eyes. Johnsons Bedtime products contain NaturalCalm™, a patented blend of relaxing aromas which help soothe your little one. Along with a little baby massage and quiet time before bed, this should help your bedtime routine. I love the baby soft fragrance. It’s really light and fresh. Plus, a little goes a long way with Johnsons products!

So if you’re wondering what to buy that toddler in your life. It’s bath stuff. Bubble bath, baby wash, lotion, toys… all those sorts of things. They come in so handy and even if they don’t light up and make the most annoying noise, they are most definitely a worthwhile gift. This Johnsons Sleep Tight gift set has exactly what you need for baby or toddler in one lovely little package.

Available in leading supermarkets and high street shops. Including Morrisons, Boots and Asda. As well as Amazon.


*Items are gifts but opinions are my own or my sons!