Spinning Around With Janod

We’re now in a world where everything revolves around computers and gadgets. Even kids toys are all flashing, singing, and robot intuitive dancing machines! Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a bad thing. Baby C loves a gadget as much as the next baby, but there’s something about taking it back to basics that warms my heart. Right now, with all the musical and light up toys around him, his toy of choice is currently a really lovely old school spinning top from Janod.

Janod Spinning Top Review - Pretty Big Butterflies


It’s kept at my mums, because she helps with childcare and it’s so funny when we pop Baby C on the floor to play. He crawls into his toy box and you’ll see balls fly out and random other bits and pieces. All of a sudden he is on the floor, colourful spinning top in hand waving it around. He is a little too young to know how to spin it himself. But he can quite happily sit there trying. It’s even more entertaining when my dad starts spinning it. You push the handle down a few times and literally watch it spin itself into oblivion. If you’re a real expert you can get it to start making a whizzing sound too. It does spin amazingly but Baby C likes to grab it, wave it and then pass it back to spin it all over again. It’s pretty cute.

Janod Old School Popular Toys - Pretty Big Butterflies


There’s something mesmerizing about the spinning top. It’s a classic that’s loved by all ages. It’s a sturdy toy too, it won’t break if it’s thrown or dropped. It’s made from metal and Janod are known for their wooden toys so this is just a little side step from those. Janod are a French company who are amazing at creating traditional toys with a little ‘je ne sais quoi’. This spinning top is great value for money – oh and no batteries required! Hooray!

I’m a big fan of Janod – so here’s a few of the toys on my wish list for Baby C!