Perfect Toys For Toddlers

This post contains press samples, all views are my own.

With Christmas fast approaching, if you’re anything like us then you’re already starting to think about what to buy the kids. Although we don’t want our children to grow up expecting a big pile of presents from Santa every Christmas, we definitely want them to be a little bit spoilt and have the best day; after all, that’s what Christmas is all about! One of the things we’re keen to do this year is not just getting a pile of fun toys, but instead, look at some toys that we could get that might teach them some new skills too! You’ll be surprised at what’s affordable, fun and educational. Plus, you can grab 15% off some fab toys here:

Buying Educational Toys

Buying educational toys for 2 year olds and indeed any other age doesn’t need to be about teaching them to count or helping them learn the alphabet. There are lots of other skills that children are learning at this age and plenty of toys that can help make that learning journey more fun.  One thing I like the look of for a young child is a hammering bench. A kids tool bench like this is loads of fun and helps them with learning sight skills to hit the pegs and then the right skills to put the pegs carefully in the hole. Of course, it allows them to make loud banging sounds, which if your kids are anything like mine makes it a winner already!

Building blocks and shape sorters have been popular choices for kids toys for a number of years and they certainly haven’t gone out of style. However, as you might expect they have changed and adapted massively. Now you can get big castles, wooden car parks and a variety of other shaped toys that involve teaching children how to sort shapes and build things. This is great news because it means that whatever type of toy your children are most likely to relate to you will be able to find something to suit them.

Rewarding Good Behaviour

Toys aren’t just teaching new skills and learning things, but about equipping them with life skills too. Reward charts are great for this because children get to earn points and rewards for good behaviour and then these behaviours become habits – and that is a great foundation for life. Now, I’m not saying that a reward chart is the answer to having perfectly behaved children – but it does help to give them clear guidance on what is expected of them – and it helps to make it fun!

Whether you’re looking for toys for 3 year olds, or older children you’ll be delighted to know that there is such a range out there; so whatever you have in mind there will be toys to suit!