Fireman Cam To The Rescue

We’re about to reach Cameos 2nd birthday and although he has definitely reached the terrible two’s early, it’s also been a really funny couple of weeks. His imagination has just started to blossom. He is pouring himself imaginary tea from teapots and driving cars along the sofa. It’s so amazing to watch. His absolute favourite thing right now is anything fire engine related. Cameo is absolutely obsessed with all things fire engines and Fireman Sam. He’ll walk around saying ‘Call Fireman Sam’ or ‘Cool and Calm’ (some of Fireman Sam’s well-known sayings if you didn’t know!). So when Hape told me they had a Wooden Fire Station ready for us to review, I think I was probably more excited than Cameo.

Wooden Fire Station from Hape - review

the best kids toy of 2018 - pretty big butterflies

When it arrived I was a little apprehensive. I’m not very good at putting things together but as this was my review, I couldn’t pass the buck to Cameo’s dad who usually does this kind of thing. I complained a bit as I usually do and it took me about an hour and a half to put together from start to finish. So I don’t think that’s too bad. Especially when it’s something as sold and big as the Hape Fire Station. It’s an impressive toy to look at that’s for sure. The one piece of advise I’d give you is to make sure you’re building the fire station on a flat surface and to take it slowly. If you do something wrong at the beginning you could end up having to undo all your hard work.

Fireman Cam To The Rescue

UK mummy blogger toy review - pretty big butterflies

I have to admit, my few minutes of moaning about how rubbish I am at putting things together soon disappeared when Cameo woke up and came into the room. It was like Christmas had come early. Seriously. His little face lit up and he ran straight over to it. I was so happy he loved it because it really does looks amazing. It’s a multi-level Fire Station with lots of moving parts to explore. It comes with a helicopter which Cameo adores and lots’ of little bits like a dog and fire extinguisher. It’s a wooden frame which means it’s super sturdy. (Cameo has stood on it a few times and it’s remained intact – not recommended though haha!)

the best wooden toys - pretty big butterflies

The toy for Fireman sam fans - prettybigbutterflies

Hape is known for their amazing quality wooden toys and this is by far one of the best fire stations or wooden toys I’ve had the pleasure of coming across. It’s so much fun. It’s bright, interactive and can incorporate all the other toys your little one has. Cameo drives his cars into the fire station doors and pushes his little teddies down the fire station pole. He puts things in the helicopter and presses the button for the siren to go off and then runs around the room. It’s absolutely brilliant.

Hape Fire Station Review - pretty big butterflies

Multi level fire station toy - Hape - Review

Cameo doesn’t have a huge attention span. The longest we get is 10 minutes while he plays with his building blocks. But when he first got this, it was easily an hour before he realised that he was playing with the same thing. It’s definitely been one of the top winners of 2018 for us and we know Cameo will keep on enjoying it in 2019. It’s that robust I reckon Marlo will be playing with it in 2 years time and getting just as much fun out of it too!

You can get your Hape Fire Engine Here just in time for Christmas.


*Hape kindly sent me this gift to review. All opinions are my own or the boys 😉