We Want An Intimate Wedding On A Budget

I’ve been engaged to Mr C for almost two years now and until recently I didn’t really have the marriage bug. I knew I wanted to marry him, but there wasn’t any rush. But lately, as we’ve got older and faced a few personal hurdles together, I really want to make that commitment. Whats more, I’ve decided I don’t want to do it in a big flashy way. I don’t want a princess wedding and all the trimmings. I’d just love something small, intimate and comfortable. Of course, the cost element plays a (big) part, but I really just want to make that vow, that we are each other’s best friends – now and forever. (feeling sick yet? Haha!)

So I’m starting to make a little list. I know it’s so easy for me to go off the scale when it comes to things like this. As a couple, we’ve lived by the ‘Go big or go home’ saying. But not now. Now it’s just about ticking those small boxes we want and keeping ourselves happy. Being true to myself, here’s a little intimate wedding wish list to help me get started.


It’s my wedding, it’s my dress, it’s my bank balance. Therefore I’ll be wearing whatever I want and whatever makes me feel good. I can tell you now. I won’t be wearing a £1000 dress. I know it’s a special day, but if I get BBQ sauce down a 1k dress – how do you cope with that! I’ve decided I probably won’t have bridesmaids – I’d like my friends to be there as guests. I’m a natural bargain hunter so I’ll be looking at wearing anything from a plus size day dresses to plus size bridesmaid dresses. It’s as simple as that. I already have my eye on a couple too!

We Want An Intimate Wedding On A Budget


Well we know it’s traditional to have a wedding breakfast. But as we want an intimate wedding it seems pointless paying for 50 sit down dinners when we might not even have that many people there. We want it to be informal, fun and a day that we enjoy, My other half is quite fussy with food and we both know exactly what floats our tastebuds boat. We’re either going to have a Caribbean food buffet or a BBQ buffet. Think jerk chicken, fried wings, mac & cheese and you’ll be on the same lines. We know we’d enjoy that so much more than a 3-course posh meal that we know we wouldn’t 100% enjoy. Plus, you can’t please everyone. With a buffet, there’s less room for people to moan! Winning!

We Want An Intimate Wedding On A Budget


We haven’t worked out a venue yet. Whether we just hire a really cool and quirky place etc. We need to think about location and travel for other people. Plus we have two babies to think about. But the décor will have the Instagram inspired, homemade kind of appeal. Affordable things like bunting, paper pom poms and quirky balloons all make a big impact at a small price. Plus they can all be colour coordinated and put together super quickly.

Those are the key things that will make our wedding ours, no matter how big or small. They’ll help keep things on a budget and hopefully, eventually, we’ll actually tie the knot!