How To Ease Neck Tension & Win a #deskrescue Bundle From Deep Heat

Hands up who spends far too much time on a computer? Feels stressed out by the time they’ve put their little ones in bed or generally feels the stress of life in their neck and shoulders after a hard day? All of you? Funny that… me too! To be honest, I could raise my hand to all of the above. I don’t know if it’s a 21st-century thing or if its just human nature… to get stressed. Sometimes we need a little extra help to release and soothe that tension. That’s where Deep Heat Muscle Rescue comes in!


First up, I have to just say that I remember when my dad used to use Deep Heat when I was younger at the smell really put me off. But it’s all change these days. They have rebranded to make the packaging more appealing and let’s be honest… Instagram friendly and they also have  these great neck and shoulder pain relieving heat patches that are fragrance-free. Perfect to wear discreetly in the office. They can be worn for up to 8 hours so perfect to pop on before work and take off whenever ever you’re ready. Once it’s on, don’t be tempted to massage the patch, as it’s not necessary. Just give it a few minutes and the warming sensation starts hitting the area, giving it a real long lasting soothing sensation.

The second thing that Deep Heat Muscle Rescue has rebranded is their neck and shoulder warming cream. It’s again, a pretty new pink packaging and the fragrance was really really light. It’s a rosemary and vanilla fragrance, which is hardly noticeable. It’s made to be applied directly to tense areas. Such as the neck and shoulders. It’s a sponge applicator that makes it so easy, mess-free and easy to do yourself. I have to say though that a little goes a long way. It’s on the verge of feeling hot so make sure you don’t just use your hands. It’s a real on target heat treatment that really hits the spot.

Both the heat patches and warming cream are real desk rescues to have sitting around in your drawer for when the tension hits. I have to admit though; my other desk rescues are stopping for a cup of tea and stopping to send a few voice notes to friends throughout the day. Plus having to stop work and watch Fireman Sam with Cameo. The perks of working from home!

Are you struggling from the stress of life and in need of a little Deep Desk Rescue pack yourself? Then enter my giveaway below where you’ll win this perfect set to help keep your tension away! Just tell me… what’s your own personal desk rescue?


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