6 Stylish Ways to Decorate Empty Corners

No matter the room in question or how much space is on offer, corners can be difficult to decorate. While you could place a large floor plant or a lamp in this area, there are many additional ways to inject style and personality into empty corners, enhancing the overall design of your home’s interior.

Cosy Nook with Custom Shelving

Designing a cosy reading nook could be a great option to add both style and function to a corner. By installing shelves, adding a chair and piling on throws, this can turn even the tiniest space into a mini library.

Create a Craft or Desk Space

Whether you occasionally work from home or have been searching for the perfect area for your crafts, a corner could be the ideal space for your office or hobby. You could choose between purpose-built corner desks or do some DIY and design your own.

Design a Chic Gallery Wall

If you live in a small apartment, you may dream of creating your own gallery wall but lack the space to do so. Thankfully, you can put together a gallery wall in even the smallest of areas, such as an empty corner. Furthermore, in a studio, this could help to tie together the sitting area and be used to zone different sections.

Install a Corner Hanging Rail

Many of us dream of a bedroom that feels tranquil and serene – a look and feel that can be hard to achieve without adequate storage. One idea could be to use an empty corner for a hanging rail. You could even add more style and glamour to this area by installing a full-length mirror like those from Cox & Cox to create a mini dressing room.

Hang a Pegboard for Extra Storage

In addition to the bedroom, there are many areas in the home where it can be difficult to find the storage required. Another example where a corner can be used to find a solution is with a giant pegboard. Use in the kitchen to hang pans and mugs or grow herbs, or use in your home office to keep stationary in order.

Build a Breakfast Bar

Think your kitchen is too small for a dining table or a breakfast bar? An empty corner could hold the answer. With some shelving and a couple of stools, an unloved space like this could be transformed into an area where you can enjoy your morning cuppa, eat breakfast, or catch up with friends.

Designer Radiator 

You could even consider a corner designer radiator. Practical, functional and you can find a huge range of pretty designs these days. You’ll be surprised what’s out there when you have a look.

An empty corner can hold a lot of potential. Consider these ideas to turn an unloved area into a functional space.