5 Ways To Refresh Your Home For 2022

Has 2021 felt (even marginally) better than 2020 for you?

In that case, you might be feeling a little more optimistic about what’s around the corner in 2022, and one tip to pave the way for more positive energy entering your life is by revamping your home environment.

With a little imagination, you don’t need to break the bank to zhuzh up your abode and you’ll be surprised just how reinvigorated you feel afterwards. Whether your home doubles as a workspace or is exclusively reserved for family, when it feels well-ordered, comfy and stylish, you’ll feel much more calm and confident.

Sounds good?

Let’s look at five ways to refresh your home for 2022.

  1. Opportunity knocks

Whether it’s the postie knocking on your door or anyone else delivering something positively life-changing, what better way for them to herald their arrival than a horseshoe door knocker from Etsy? You don’t need to be extra superstitious to believe that this ancient good luck symbol might sprinkle some good fortune around your home.

2. Positive paint

Simply applying a fresh lick of paint to your interior walls can catalyse much more of a transformation to your ambience than you’d expect. Pantone’s colour combo of the year is grey and yellow, which supposedly combines serenity with positivity, so you can roll with that or see what’s trending a few months down the line. Remember though – the colours you choose should be impactful without clashing with existing décor.

3. Rendered perfect

Exterior renders can make your home exterior much more attractive by covering those unsightly cracks and blemishes that build up over the years – especially in countries like the UK where we can enjoy up to four seasons in one day! A versatile product like Jub from Direct Building Products is available in various colours. Plus, it’s long-lasting and UV-stable.

4. Coffee culture

Fancy a fresh barista-style coffee without having to visit your local high street or drive-thru? Invest in a coffee machine and you can grab that pro caffeine hit whenever you like. There are lots of brands on the market and models to suit every budget, so take a look at a department store like John Lewis to mull over your options – you’ll soon be full of beans!

5. Rug revolution

Tired of kids and pets ravaging your (once) perfectly good living room carpet? If you don’t want to splash out on a new one (only for it to look old in a few months again!), then buying a rug is a great option. If you’re stuck for ideas, there are some superb vintage styles available at The Rugs Warehouse and the prices are reasonable given the quality.

These five ways to refresh your home for 2022 will help you sweep away the negativity of the old year and prepare a warm welcome for everything the new one has in store. It’s never to early to get started with your revamp and you’ll enjoy the whole process as well as the end result!