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Baby C is 3 months old now (where is the time going?) and is really getting a little personality of his own. We’re starting to know what he does and doesn’t like and he definitely uses his vocals chords when it’s a dislike moment! We’re really lucky that he loves his baths, and in my post about his Deer Bathrobe, I mentioned that while he loved being in the water, getting out was another story! The Deer Robe was great for keeping him warm and drying him, but it’s hard with only two hands to pick them up and wrap them. Especially when they are so tiny. After a few tag teaming baths with his Daddy, I went it alone and bathed him by myself. When I took him out of the water he screamed the place down so my natural instinct was to put him straight against my chest and quickly wrap him up. It was a messy moment but as soon as he was against my chest and I was cuddling him, the crying stopped. When I held him back a bit to try and cover him again, the crying began again. Once he is finally wrapped up he is pretty fine, but it’s that immediate moment of getting him out of the bath and wrapped up warm that’s the problem. Putting him straight against me was the answer, the issue with that was I got absolutely soaked. It’s not like I can dry him and leave for a minute while I get changed. Nope. I need to dry him, pop a nappy on AND dress him all while soaking wet. I mean it worked because he didn’t cry for long but it was pretty uncomfortable for me. So the solution to this problem? The Original Cuddledry. A safe, simple and snug toweling robe that works like a hands free towel.

The original Cuddledry - Review - Pretty Big Butterflies

Is Cuddledry worth the money? - pretty big butterflies

Basically it works like a giant adult bib. (Sounds funny but its true!) There is a loop that you pop your head through and the super soft towel then just hangs down, leaving you completely covered, completely hands free and completely ready to snuggle you baby against you as soon as you life them out of the bath. It’s hangs down below my knees so there’s lots of fabric to wrap around my baby boy. It’s SUCH a simple idea but it’s genius. It really is. The Cuddledry is practical, but feels so luxurious. It’s really soft natural bamboo fibre and makes you want to stroke it softly. I know that when Baby C is cocooned inside that its lovely and soft against his skin, it also has a hood on the corner to help his head stay warm and his little bit of hair dry quickly. We’ve used the Cuddledry a few times now and considering Baby C is lifted straight onto it from the water it never seems to feel wet and that means he dries really quickly, the fabric is super absorbent and it makes a difference. I can rest Baby C on his Cuddledry while I put a new nappy on and he isn’t lying on a soaking wet puddle, which is what a normal towel would feel like.


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Cuddledry Review - Pretty Big Butterflies


I’ll be honest with you. I’ve loved the look of the Cuddledry from when I was pregnant but the price put me off. In my head I kept thinking £30 for a towel? I can just buy a normal baby towel with a hood! Right? Wong! Those were the things I kept thinking. But when I started bathing Baby C it QUICKLY (very quickly) came to light that actually the Cuddledry was totally worth the money. At the point when your baby is cold, wet and screaming, the point when your struggling to hold this new tiny thing that’s slippery and flapping his arms around while you’re trying to wrap him up, at the point when you’re soaking wet and the floor is soaking wet and the towel is dripping… at that point. (I can take a breath writing this but not when you’re in THAT situation!) At THAT point, the Cuddledry becomes priceless. The value for money is amazing, and it’s only now I have it that I can say the price is truly justified. Not only because it feels luxurious and is an amazing towel and robe, but because it makes the bath time experience a hundred times better for me and baby in a way that you can’t do yourself. Try it with a towel, it will always fall down. Think that you’ll just quickly change your top while he is on the bed drying? Good luck with that.

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Daddy wearing Cuddledry - Pretty Big Butterflies

Daddy sent me a selfie this morning of him using the Cuddledry!


The Cuddledry really is worth the money; so if you’re in two minds about getting one, trust me when I say it’s worth it. Get it as a baby shower gift or new baby gift if you know someone that’s pregnant or if you’re struggling to make bath-time work give this a go. It’s one of my must have new baby products. I’d buy another one in a heartbeat if for whatever reason I lost or damaged this one and it’s going to last a long time. It isn’t a one hit wonder. You’ll use this so many times that it literally is a part of your routine. We wouldn’t do without it now, so much so I’m considering getting a grey one so that I never have to worry about this one being in the wash. The thought of bathing Baby C without the Cuddledry just seems like torture. It’s totally worth it and I definitely highly recommend it.