Father’s Day Made Easy With Hallmark at Tesco.

Online shopping has become the norm over the years but if you’re looking for something last minute and thoughtful, well the good old high street is where you need to be. With Father’s Day just a couple of days away, if you haven’t got it together yet, well, here’s your warning! I have to be honest; one of the best ways to get everything you want and need is to head for a supermarket. You’re guaranteed to get something for every single kind of dad out there and let’s not forget that the range of Father’s Day cards (and any cards in general) is pretty epic.

Father's Day Cards from Hallmark at Tesco - pretty big butterflies

PLUS, they are actually cheaper than the majority of the cards online, so you know, it kind of makes sense. One of my local supermarkets in particular, Tesco, has a HUGE selection of cards this year. From dad to granddad and everything in between, you’ll find a Hallmark card for you. To give you a little idea here are just a few of the dozens of cards available. What really does it for is that the cards are so unique. The basic card seems a million miles away from the ones you can get now. Popups, cut outs and jingly bits. The cards are definitely made to make the man in your life smile.

Baby C choosing his Father's Day card

Father’s Day Made Easy With Hallmark at Tesco.

Tesco also has some lovely things to ensure that Father’s Day is a lovely family day. From pens to help design your own Dad t-shirt to traditional boxes of chocolates that are always a winner. We especially loved the gingerbread mix and a cookie cutter that kids of all ages can get involved with. We opted to make some funky gingerbread men and they turned out a treat. I can’t say Baby C helped out much just yet but he attempted to put a whole one in his mouth on numerous occasions!

Homemade gingerbread men from Tesco

Home made Father's Day gift- Tesco

There really are SO many cards to choose from. This year I need an extra special card too. As Baby C is only 5 months old, it means it’s his daddies’ first father’s day too! I won’t spoilt the surprise and show you which card we’ve chosen, but it’s lovely and cute and the message on this inside lets him know just how much both of us love and appreciate him.