Are WaterWipes worth the hype?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Here’s why….

Before Cameo (AKA Baby C) was born we stocked up on nappies and baby wipes, as new parents probably do. (I’m assuming!) I felt like we had some great bargains and were fully prepared for nappy changing time. Well, that was until we went to our hospitals’ parenting class and the midwife mentioned that baby wipes were a no-no. She advised us that we should just use water and cotton wool. You can imagine my ears pricked at this. So what the heck are baby wipes for and WHY are they even called baby wipes if you’re not supposed to use them on baby skin! I was confused. So I went back and read the packaging of these wipes and they said ‘for newborn skin’. So I gathered it would be fine.

Anyway… speeding through a few months later and Baby arrived! Now after researching, nappy rash and a sore bum are somewhat normal for new babies because their skin is so delicate. We used the baby wipes we had for a couple of weeks and a variety of nappy barrier creams yet his little bum was still red and seemed to be getting worse. So I made an executive decision. We weren’t going to use the wipes anymore; we were opting for water and cotton wool. I was not a fan. It was a hassle going to get a bowl of clean water if I had an upset baby in my arms and it would drip down his back making him a bit wet. Plus, it felt like so much hassle when we were out and about.  Give me a break here; I’m a new mum.

I remember hearing people talk about WaterWipes as if they were a magical thing. I just didn’t believe the hype. I heard they were perfect for newborn skin (well I thought I’d heard that before) and people were saying they had nothing in them other than water and fruit extract so were perfect for sensitive skin. Basically, they claimed to be the world’s purest wipes. I literally thought all the hype was from ‘perfect’ mummies who wanted to look like they were buying the best and only the best for their baby and were completely on trend with new products. This is how I felt. I can’t lie. So I gave in to the hype. Well, they only went and completely lived up to the hype. So much so that without even thinking we stocked up on WaterWipes for Baby 2 – Marlo who arrived almost 3 weeks ago!

Cameo was born in winter and Marlo smack bang in the middle of a summer heatwave. (Yes, pregnancy wasn’t great!). So WaterWipes have come in handy for all of us over the past few weeks. They’ve been the perfect cool me down when I was overheating with my internal pregnancy heater and I’ve been able to give both boys a little wipe down when we’ve been to our family BBQs. Well, Marlo had his first BBQ last week and basically slept through the whole thing! But at least I could give him a little wipe around his face and neck knowing that there were no nasties going on his skin. Cameo is 18 months now but I still care about and want to look after his skin, especially as he has mild eczema. Oh, it’s also worth noting that WaterWipes are the only baby wipe to ever be approved by Allergy UK and The National Eczema Association of America. Pretty impressive huh?

What’s more, WaterWipes are making an effort to educate parents on how to look after their children’s skin and how to keep cool during the summer months. It’s definitely harder than I anticipated. Having a winter baby feels much easier! They’ve worked with child dermatologist, Dr Wilkinson, who has provided a variety of top tips. They may seem a little obvious but it’s always worth being reminded. Especially about the sun cream – I’m not sure I knew that one, to be honest!


  1. Keep babies under 6 months in the shade. Sun cream is not tested on babies under 6 months and so should not be used
  2. Babies have immature sweat ducts, which are more likely to get blocked, meaning they are more prone to prickly heat. To avoid this happening and your baby overheating, it is best to dress them in loose clothing
  3. Wash off chlorine or sand in the shower as soon as possible and apply a moisturiser to the skin, especially if your baby is prone to eczema
  4. Summertime means your baby may be exposed to potential skin irritants that they haven’t before, such as seawater, sand, sweat, sun cream, chlorine and air conditioning. Make sure you’re taking extra care and using tried and tested products to protect your baby’s skin. (Such as WaterWipes!)
  5. Dry skin thoroughly after swimming/changing nappies before applying moisturiser in order to avoid locking in moisture (as this can create an irritant on the skin). This is a common cause of nappy rash and is easily prevented by drying the skin

It’s obvious to me now how the wipes are so different. They are thicker, softer and far wetter. You can squeeze a water wipe and actually squeeze the water out. If you did that with other brands, nothing happens. The wipes are more damp than actually wet. There’s no fragrance and they stay wet. You might find the water goes to the bottom of the packet so just squeeze the wipes a bit.

Overall, WaterWipes are definitely worth the hype. I’m using them with my second son right now which speaks volumes. They are a little on the pricier side but 100% worth it. It’s nice to know you’re using a brand that cares about your baby’s skin as much as you do.


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